The Sax is Back!

shiny saxApart from the most annoying earworm of a tiring eurobeat pop song called Mr Saxobeat, which does not count, I noticed that the saxophone solo seems to  making a comeback in the world that is pop.

Two very famous saxophonists agreed that the only reason they decided on the sax as their instrument of choice is because it is so shiny!

Lady Gaga hired Clarence Clemens for her newest single ‘Edge of Glory’, who sadly died of a stroke on the date of the relase of the single after a glorious musical career. RIP.

Katy ( I’m so funny) Perry has hired Kenny G.  to take a turn on her new oh so hilarious(!) new video.

RAPHIt’s like Baker Street all over again…We are in an 1980’s time warp.Raphael Ravenscroft  so the story goes, got paid £27 for playing the solo on Baker Street and the cheque bounced! Lots of incredible solos throughout the years were played by artists who were paid a one off pittance and never made any money when the song kept getting played over and over again. So old sax players better give your tubes an extra shine cos you just never know when the call will come to be in some young thing’s video. Make sure to ask for a proper fee.  It is obviously never too late to be shiny!

SONG OF THE DAY Weather Report -Teen Town

REAL LIVE MUSIC!  weather report were a cool band jazz-rock band..I saw them 2 nights in a row many years ago at the hammersmith odeon…

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