It’s Monday, I am Tired , Hot and Just Want to GO HOME!

Sorry your trains have been cancelled. This photo is LIverpool Street Station at 16.34pm Monday, when the news was out (and had been for a while) that the overhead lines in the Bethnal Green area had proved to be unable to cope with the roaring temperatures, so all the trains to Southend were cancelled… for the rest of the day….

.sometimes commuting sucks. Just as well we had a lovely sing for the workers lunchtime in the middle of Spitalfields to celebrate the revamping of the new Bishopsgate Institute, which are offering free taster classes all week. Non-one threw anything, and for my money, we sounded pretty good for a small pocket of the Bishopsgate Singers, though it was so hot, it was hard to breathe let along sing with gusto.

SONG OF THE DAY American Pie -Don McClean

Peter told me that when Don was interviewed about what the song American Pie meant, Don replied ‘it means that I  will never have to work again’ ha ha. After choir, it was so hot I drank 2 pints of grapefruit and soda ( regretted that on the  bumpy tube ride home -I was so sure it was just replacement fluid) We sat in the City pub and we all knew all the words, and sang them. Do you?….oh by the way, Madonna missed a whole verse out


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