Where Have all the Flowers Gone?

My mum who is the same age as Captain Kirk and Mr Spock, (check out her birthday blog  blog from earlier this year) is a bit of an amateur water colourist on the side, something she started much later in life. She sent me this, this morning. I think it is rather lovely.

And I am a big fan of the old foxglove digitalis. It is so evocative of the English country garden. It has been raining and raining , so waterproof trousers and wellies continue to be ‘de rigeur’ even in the Metropolis. We keep remembering it is good for the grass and good for the flowers.  My favourite flower is the iris and my favourite smelling flower is jasmine.

When I visited India, in what seems like a past life, I used to buy strings of jasmine off little boys in the street, and make hairbands out of them , fall asleep

and wake up steeped in the fragrance. Mr P. bought me a bottle of essential oil, jasmine for christmas, which was sooooo expensive I can only use a drop at a time!

SONG OF THE DAY – Where have all the Flowers Gone -written by Pete Seeger, sung by Joan Baez…..As Mum is in my blog today.. she and my Dad used to sing  this together in the 60’s, with their strummy guitars. Used to upset me a lot when I was a kid, this song. Still does, but for different reasons.

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  1. Well done your mum! One of my best friend’s mum did likewise in her retirement. Now she exhibits and has even sold a couple of paintings. The smell of jasmine – wow. It does something to my head. I imagine it’s what catnip does for for a cat, a smell drug. And Joan Baez, thanks for this, I’d forgotten what a powerful song it is. Keep up the good work 🙂

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