99 Years ago Today…….

 First of all a big heart out to all the Massachusettians affected by the tornado. A big thumbs up to Massachusetts who on this day 99 years ago became the first State in America to set a minimum wage. In 2004, Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to legally recognize  same-sex marriage. So today we are flying a big flag for the State of Massachusetts. If you are not sure where it is, it is above New York on the East Coast, and Boston is  the Capital of Massachusetts….is there not a shortening for the state name, as a  mild dyslexic, I am finding it really really difficult to keep typing Massachusetts correctly!

Also 89 years ago in the U.S 1919 U.S.A. 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote, was passed by Congress. Six years before, on the same date, in England – Emily Davidson a suffragette ran out in front of King George’s  horse, at the Epsom Derby. She was trampled, never regained consciousness and died a few days later. Britain had given women over the age of 30 the vote a year before the US, but took 10 years before  to abolish the age qualification and put men and women on an equal footing.The first country to give the vote to women was New Zealand in 1893. So a bit of a holler for NZ too!

There! lots of useful and exciting facts about this day, the 4th of June.



I was once in a club in London called White Trash in about 1982 and someone said ‘David Bowie’s over there’…I turned round too late…he had gone! One of the most disappointing moments of my younger life, as I had and have been been a big fan…forever. He was the first and only man to have his picture in my desk at school.

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