Photo Challenge of The Week – Rainbows

Rainbow in North London

rainbow The gloomy skies are back in London. So a little reminder of the loveliness of rain! This I took from outside my back door. Rainbows are just such  magical things, always make me feel hopeful. I never am able to walk on by when there is one in the sky. There is something about having all the colours in the spectrum, of the world together which is just breathtaking.  Found a nice website that explains all the different types of rainbow there are.

One more thing today.  The last 2 weeks, I seem to be hanging out with a carrion crow . It  has taken to sitting just above my computer on the little  3ft  roof extension. It is banging and squawking a lot, I thought we had phantom  builders!  It seems to have found something in the gutter it quite likes. I thought there might be a wasps nest, but have not quite summon the courage to get a ladder out and have a look. I don’t know if they like wasps?


The Poozies- There’s another train-written by Pete Morton

Mairearad Green, Eilidh Shaw, Sally Barker, Patsy Seddon and Mary MacMaster

A wonderful song about the fact that it is never to late -“There’s another train, there is always is , maybe the next one is yours”

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