Welcome to Post number 151!

Well here it is, another milestone in the story of my blogging adventure -My 151st post!

It’s been a mad mad day and a lovely, but crazy week.  I have been running from place to place, and leaving a trail of joy, song, debris and destruction in my trail wherever I have been.  I left the kitchen in such a tip earlier in the week, Mr P. came home from work, and found a dead mouse in a pool of food on the floor that had just fallen  off my plate as I ran from place to place…It looked like the mouse had died from over eating. Poor Mr P. is on mouse alert….. again.

A story from today that involved my bank card, and my Dad. So me old dad calls me up last night- could I order a book for him on Amazon. “Sure Dad, I will get it delivered to you” ” No deliver it to Hermia” “it’s ok, it will get to you quicker if I send it straight to you” I say. “Fine” he says


Mr P. does the deed while I am out running a choir. Then 15 minutes before I am leaving in the morning to somewhere on the train, Dad calls……”yes Dad the book is ordered and is coming to you” a gnarly noise ” but there is no post office near the home, how am I going to send it to ~Hermia?'” he says ” Its coming straight to you Dad, Hermia ‘aint comin to see you for ages” I say “No the book is for Hermia” he says “argh” I say “You never said that last night…ok ok I will sort it!”

So I get on Mr P’s laptop, change the delivery address only to find I have to enter his paying details which I don’t have. So I cancel the order, put his laptop away. Open my computer, order the book, open my wallet….no card to pay and I am leaving in 10 minutes and need my card to pay for my ticket at the machine at the railway station. Argh! Where did I last have my card? Last night at another railway station? Did I leave it somewhere and someone has thieved it?

So I call up a very chatty man at my bank in India and cancel my card…why when you have 3 minutes to do something do you finally get a man on the other end of the phone who wants to tell you what a lovely  Indian name you have and how you sound much younger than your date of birth..blah blah blah…thanks sir….. but I have a train to catch!

I leave the house, run to tube, get to the station, and phew they get my tickets out of the machine as, thank the Lord, I have photo id. At this point I am also, in my head, thanking my Dad for calling me up, if he had not called I would never have noticed my card was gone.

Sorry, did you  fall asleep about 3 paragraphs ago? So the card is cancelled and all is well. I call Mr P. this evening. What does he find when he opens his laptop? My friggin bank card. I have absolutely no recollection of putting it there. I  also left my lunch in the sandwich shop  after I had paid for it.

Well it has been a long week. I have taught 600 kids under 10 years old and about 120 adults singing in groups from 4 to 70 at a time. S0 maybe its ok to forget a couple of things. But could have done without it……ah well, at least it’s raining (booo!)”well, we must have needed it” ( old British saying).

SONG OF THE DAY – I remember it well -from GIGI

Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold

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