There is a Word Count at the Bottom of my Blog!

Step away from the blog…nothing to see here, move along with your business. Today I am definitely on the edge, having sat through a particularly edgy  Housing  Co-operative Annual General Meeting last night,  so I would suggest you pass by quickly as I am really not myself today. So let us change the subject and try to think about something completely different. Wow! A  Eureka moment! For some time I have been plotting, and planning  the least painless way to count all the words  I have written since I started my postaday 2011. It would of course have to be a free day, or possibly week when there was nothing on the box, the knitting was done and I had despaired of ever writing another song, and my desk was tidy…ha ha!

I don’t know why I am sharing this. It is  only that I have spent considerable brain calories wondering how I was going to count every word without copying and pasting it all…… and there it was – staring me in the face…. everyday. A word count at the bottom of every post!   Brilliant! Now all we need is a cumulative one ….please.

SONG OF THE DAY The Beatles-Paperback Writer -cos you never know…we all have a book in us…

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