Photo of the Day – Buntings

Yesterday  in Great Britain  it was all about weddings, street parties. There was  healing  of old hurt, meeting new neighbours and ridiculously Britishly eccentric hats (Princess Eugenie won by a length) –

it's a hat jim, but not as we know it!

though there were a couple of women in the Abbey who looked like someone had just attached a cereal bowl to their head and a ‘lorra lorra buntings’ – as Cilla Black would say. It was an unexpectedly moving day, and  this is my picture of the day. I took this photo at my Mum’s  little street party. The star of the party was the buntings.

Once they were up the street completely changed and I think I  have to start making my own buntings as they turn any place into a place of celebration. Thumbs up for buntings! oh and in case you were thinking it was all about birds there is also a  picture of a reed bunting.Buntings for the Royal Wedding

SONG OF THE DAY  White Flag -Dido

Well there is a tenuous link. Flags! Again an unexpected song choice, as I think Dido sounds like she is being strangled when

she sings anything above a whisper, but uses  a falsetto at the top other voice that is just a bit unique as her voice keeps flipping. This song is very haunting if you like a bit of maudling popppy pop. Stunned that the video has had 9 million hits on youtube. I am one person removed from Dido as she was a close friend of one of my friends. This song is a real haunter. “There will be no white flag upon my door..I’m in love..I always will”

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