What Will My Cosmic Birthday Present Be This Year?


So I am  having a relaxing birthday at home. I have  psychically
invited my nearest,  dearest and closest geographical friends to join me for swift  birthday visits. Mostly they will not have got the message, as my psychic skills are a bit hit and miss, especially when it is sunny. Most of them will be with me in my heart..

I have a lot of relaxing to do, as I have not even started planning for next term’s  vocal extravaganzas, as there is still no space left in my brain from last term.

Among the Prada rucksacks, Fendi walking boots,  i-thisis and the i-thats which will come flooding through my post box this morning (ha ha), as always, I am expecting my biggest gift from the cosmos. Most years it does not let me down. I think most people get a little gift from the cosmos around their birthday when the sun returns to the place it was when you were born, sometimes just a shift, a nudge sometimes a bloody big push. It is just a question of being ready and available.

Beetroot,apple juice, tahini, tamari, ginger and curry dressing!

So on my birthday today, I am intending to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in gorgeous ways and relax and do very near to nothing. It is amazing that my palate has completely changed. Three days of torturousness,  eating nothing but organic apples, I  am finding eating raw vegetables and fruit  like a new taste explosion…So  loads of different types of veg and fruit as possible  to get goodness from as many different colours and flavours as possible.

colour explosion!

Maybe that is my cosmic birthday present to be reminded  of the beauty of simple things. Way hey! happy birthday to me and happy birthday to everyone else who has a birthday on the same day – Shakespeare, Roy Orbison, Shirley Temple, Prokofiev, the 6 Million Dollar Man, too many old radio 2 Dj’s to mention and the other  18 million people who have the same birthday as me.


Bobby Mcferrin- Circle Song 6 

If you don’t know the album Circle Songs -you are in for a treat!

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