Still on the Swings…..

In more ways than one…swings in the parks and  riding on the swings of life!

Funny that my mum told me I cashed in my first ‘near  death token’ when someone saved me from being hit by a big teenager on  swing when I was about 2. When I was of the same age, I escaped from the house and toddled all the way to the local park without anyone knowing, freaked my poor mother out, as you really are not supposed to lose toddlers in your own home.  From an early age, the park was obviously a shining beacon, beckoning me out of the comfort of my home. So if you need me that’s where I am. ‘Don’t you have a garden, they yell?’, Well yes, and no. Due to the big beautiful trees that the neighbour has had no money to prune for 16 years,  our little  garden is now in constant shade, and due to the fact that Mr P’s current gainful employment is landscape gardening, it is sort of full of plants – not a single blade  of grass anywhere……great at the end of August when you need to get out of the sun, on a chair between the plants,  to admire the sculptures and the gravel, but rubbish when you have not seen the sun for 5 months…

SONG OF THE DAY Louis Prima -When Your Smiling!

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