Three Months and Kicking!

A quarter of the way through my blog a day challenge and I am fighting fit! I think the main thing is to go with the ebbs, flows, highs and lows. Today for instance I have nothing in particular to write about, but the main thing is, I am still here and loving being part of my new blogging community.

Today though, I  need to just stop talking for a bit and listen…..listen to all the sounds around. Listen to all the people, and the noises in my own head too.

Right now I can hear the bath being cleaned in the next room, the hard drive humming, my skype just pinged, a siren going off on the A1 which is at least half a mile away, my keyboard tapping, Mr P coming into the room saying hallo, then leaving, my breath, a drain dripping, another siren, Mr P coughing as he looks over my shoulder, then leaving again…no he is still here. The sound of him reading out my  unfinished blog and then leaving again.  the distinct lack of any type of bird song. It is just non-stop in the world of  just listening! And I have not even started with the noises inside my head…which I shall politely keep to myself. ha ha ha . x

Had a long night last night as the train home from choir decided to break down so I did not get back until 12.30am as every tube I got on seemed to be having a problem, or going the speed of a carrot. District line from Wimbledon to Earls Court, District line to Victoria , Circle line to Embankment and then the Northern line home…


Michael Buble -I Wanna go Home

This man has the most superbly crafted voice. He also has an amazing heart. You might have overlooked him as cheese….but he is the real deal, unpasturised handcrafted delicious.

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