Happy Birthday Mum, Captain Kirk and Mr Spock

me and my mum last summer
looking good!

So my mum has probably never known how much she has in common with  ‘boldly goes where no man has gone before’ or ‘there’s life Jim, but not as we know it’. I looked up and found she was born the same  year and month as Gorbachov and a man who sells newspapers – oh yes somebody Murdoch…But much more fun is the fact she  was born the same year and month as both Captain Kirk and Mr Spock ( the actors William Shantner and Leonard Nimmoy). She has a lot in common with both of them including snappy fashion and  hairstyling, bravery, amazing intelligence,  the ability to ‘boldly go’, artistic and a fascinating life she should write a book about. So mum have a happy birthday today, and have another great year! I Love You.

SONG OF THE DAY  500 miles-Peter Paul and Mary

We use to sing all together as a family when we all lived together and mum and dad used to sing this one…so has poignant memories for me. I have arranged it for my choirs too, and is a real favourite…must do it again soon.

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