Such a Long List of “THINGS TO DO'”

Morning. So today is the start of half-term week. Funny I always look forward to the break, but it usually has the effect of making me a bit down in the dumps, probably because the lurch to a halt is always a bit of a shock- it always feels a bit like that time after a big party or performance where you sort of get a bit down after. My office once again looks like it has been ransacked by a couple of local youths looking for anything valuable they could sell, sorry boys…nothing doing – so right now I have made myself a cup of tea and am just sitting as far away as I can  from the mess. The kitchen is not much better as the compost bucket is a bit whiffy and there is a large pile of washing up to do- which I am just ignoring. It is grey and cold outside, and my feet are freezing. The red London buses rattle past my window and the heating chugs away -my feet are still icey cold.

So the list of things to do includes, re-singing all the parts for ‘Harvest for the World’ onto my computer. That means singing each of the 4 parts twice,  and putting the mp3s of the separate parts on my Choir  page for people to down load and practice. I have this wonderful gadget called a vocal transformer ( more on  blog entry Jan 26th 2011 which means I can sing a part and then it will take it down an octave so I can sing all the vocal parts, even the bass ( the lowest male part) I also need to sort out a nice couple of acapella African songs for my large singing group to learn after the  half term break, and record them. I have over 2000 unopened emails that need going through and chucking out, and I need to do some guitar practice and write a few emails- that will take a couple of days.  Still ignoring the washing up! Just need to get started. Waiting for a delivery too, and we have a stealth delivery man, who thinks he is on some sort of covert mission, so only comes when I am singing so I do not hear the front buzzer until it is too late and he has left the district.

Anyway, as Harvest for the World will be spending most of its time in my brain today it is going to be my song of the day and hopefully once I get singing I will cheer up a bit…It usually does the trick…but for my first trick  I will be clearing away all the debris that is  the desk- mostly piles of words of songs. I used to to love the Isley Brothers -I think Summer Breeze is probably my fave- but this is a great song, and in about 5 weeks you might be treated to an Acapella version sung by 75 lovely people.

SONG OF THE DAY The Isley Brothers Harvest For The World


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