Elephants – ha ha

So I was in the West End buying yet more skeins of Rowan colourscape and thought I’d have my lunch in the park behind John Lewis and wow! Elephants! I love elephants!

Use to go to Regents Park Zoo and cry with them.

The Late Great Jim Robson .

Then one day a tragic accident  – the elephant keeper Jim Robson died, when he tripped and was stepped on by one of the elephants. Jim had been the elephant keeper for many mnay years it was a really terrible shock for all the zoo workers, I remember going to the zoo the next day. Really sad.  After a 170 year tradition, the elephants were bused off to whipsnade….never to return.

Went on a coach once to Whipsnade to see how they were getting on..they had forgotten me already.another elephant


taking an elephant for a walk!


are a charity trying to stop the disappearing beautiful asian elephant so we should all log on and help support this cause.

Also another excuse for you to watch our tribute to the mighty elephant.

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