Songwriting and VocalForce

Last weekend I went on a wonderful songwriting weekend with 14 woman and one man, the rather illusive Simon Brown who never seemed to be around when we were taking pictures. The Songwriting Crewe ( except for Simon Brown who was taking the picture)It was fantastically inspiring.  With our poet laureate Gill McEvoy, songwriters Sue Harris, Polly Bolton and my self all ran sessions and we had a marvellously creative time. Simon Brown has already written a round about his sensible shoes which I tried out today.

SO a good week, three choirs and my mudchute group and planning for the musical at Torriano Juniors. Today we set up ‘The SOng Swap Society’..more news on that soon.

We shall be organising London song swap sessions for our Vocal Force Collegues and friends.


Also popped to the Tate Britian to check out room 9 for the family day I am involved in next weekend.tate britain

the crochet is going well…only 10 more and a lot of sewing to go. x x x x


  1. Simon says “I’m pleased with the pictures, but these shoes are killing me … “

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