Can I be upfront here and say if I met a mnemonic walking down the road I would n’t know him from Adam -I had to look it up. I always forget which one of these strange words belongs to which state of wording, you know the ones, palindrome, anachronism, backronym etc.

To remember the colours of the rainbow in the right order you do not sing that silly song ‘I can sing a rainbow’. For one thing, there is no pink in the rainbow, and who ever saw pink and green next to each other in the colour spectrum…duh. Traditionally, the way you learn the colours in the right order is to remember the little ditty. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain – for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. I need a funnier ( keep it clean please) rhyme I can use with kids. If you think of a good one, you will get a mention in the credits of the new song I am going to write that will help us what ever age to remember what of the visible light spectrum. I now find out ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ was written by Arthur Hamilton who wrote ‘Cry Me a  River’…blimey that was a bit of a change of tack. Any bright ideas spring to mind?


Video by Me!!! singing and songwriting by my good self  and Andy McCrorie -Shand If you have never heard 3 BUCKET JONES before…you never know you might like it


One of the students at the Guildhall was playing this one  on the piano, and I was reminded how lucky kids are now that they have such a wealth of pop music at their fingertips. Mickey played in a band with the keyboard player of the Stranglers who I played board games with a few times, many years ago.

There has been much controversy surrounding the lyrics of this song. In his 2001 book The Stranglers Song By Song, High..sorry Hugh Cornwell clearly states “‘Golden Brown’ works on two levels. It’s about heroin and also about a girl”. Essentially the lyrics describe how “both provided me with pleasurable times”. As I have had  too many friends die much too young from heroin overdoses I feel any romantising of heroin seems a little immature. Perfect Day by Lou Reed is supposed to be about taking heroin too so we should probably  listen but never encourage -unless you like dicing with death.