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Weekly Photo Challenge – Launch

Yesterday I saw the first snowdrops out. That my friends, is in my eyes  signals the launch of spring, well at least a wave from the back of the circle that spring is a coming. I have a feeling these snowdrops maybe giving us a bit of a bum steer, as I fear that bad weather could be just around the corner. That is a bit of an attitude stinker. Oh things are good but bad news could be just around the corner. So I will just celebrate that I saw the first snowdrops in a front garden on a busy road in North London on 6th of January 2012 and rejoice !

I think I may have been a little hasty, as I bought a new theme for my site and now it is all topsy turvy, and I think it may take a while to get things back in order. I can send it back within 30 days if it does not suit , so ‘bear with…bear with’ just for a little while.  Off to the farmers market for some red cabbage!

SONG OF THE DAY –    I love Paris in the Springtime  – Ella Fitzgerald

Sadly I could not find a song about Kentish Town or Holloway in the springtime, so Ella will whisk me to Paris for the moment.

So yesterday I lied, and once again flouting convention I am going to do my fourth study of the title of this week’s photo challenge ‘ONE’.

There is a song I used to sing when I spent more time dancing barefoot in marquees with lots of hippies ( me? Hippy…never…….much too earthly). The words were “and there’s only one sky to fly in”. This picture I took of the South East Coast of England reminded me  that we are all living under the same sun and the same sky. We all stare at the same moon and sleep under the same stars. Our moods are shared by the pull of  the same tides and planets. Wow …can you tell I have had a few days off?

Yes a few days of having some wind in my feathers and sun on my face has left me feeling more ‘at one’ with the world. I do my best to stay with  that ‘oneness’ in the hustle bustle of the world. It has been said how easy it is to be all enlightened and at one with the universe when sitting cross legged on the top of a mountain or on a beach in Thailand, but try it in the queue at an underground IKEA when the thing you wanted the most has no price tag on it, or someone pushes in the line at the bus stop, or the man next to you on the tube looks like he might kill you if you even look at him. The challenge is to take the feeling you might get sitting next to the shore line back to the world. ‘Be in the world but not of it’, is a phrase told to me that stuck. There is no real point in ‘dropping out’, because  surely our reason for being is what we can give to our community, whether it is washing other people’s socks, marking their english homework, mending their cars, making them laugh, teaching them songs,  or giving them something to read.


Alison Krauss  -Down to the River to Pray

Lovely bit of choral singing in this, as well as Alison’s angelic tones…you will have heard it in “oh Brother Where Art THou” if you are into the Coen Brothers films.

Photo challenge of the Week-Light

on a train to surbiton

I took the photo on the left from a train. As you can see, there are several forms of light- the full moon, the light in the carriage, a distant street light.

swiss cottage

This second picture was taken in Swiss Cottage Underground station as I was particularly taken by the up-lights on either side of the escalators which are rather stylish. I also like the light  cast on the on the ceiling. Life is running forward at a pace, it always does at this time of the year and I cannot believe it is nearly a year since I wrote my first wordpress post. Wow!

So continue with my utter randomness wot is life my SONG OF THE DAY- Rickety -Tickety -Tin written by Tom Leherer sung by the fabulous Singing Plague Victims Singing Plague Victims WEBSITEWe used to sing this song as a family and it is well worth watching all the way through…wicked humour and a fantabuously funny performance!