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I am always rattling on about The Bishopsgate Singers, who meet at the Bishopsgate Institute every Monday night and are like my homies, as it is the only choir that I started from scratch, and did  not inherit.  We are in one hall, learning pop and world by ear, while the  massively marvellous sounding Royal Philharmonic Choir are learning whizzy classical works in the the other…now that would be a fine collaboration, but I feel it may never ever ever happen ( ha ha…I  also feel a challenge coming on!) I thought it was time to put you out of your misery and show you a picture of the front of the Bishopsgate Institute, neatly tucked in between Pizza Express and  shirt shop, so it would be easy to miss. There now is an entrance round the corner in Brushfield Street, next to Starbucks, and a lovely cafe. The Building is listed, built in the 1890’s and goes back for miles. It has 2 enormous halls, a library and lots of smaller spaces, the list of course and concerts they run is exciting and  varied. A quick picture of the church and the goat in Brushfield Street, just as the sun was going down.

SONG OF THE DAY Cheryl Cole -Promise This

Ok the secret is out…I love this is so beautifully styled.  I love the  shadowy dancing boys and the bare tree silhouette on CC’s dress and in the distance.  Written by Priscilla Renea Hamilton from the US ( 23 years old!). As a songwriter she has written for several big singers and has a couple of albums out too.


Photo of the Day – London – Room with a View

I took this picture yesterday when I visited a dear friend’s 3rd floor flat in North East London,  for a spot of rather nice lunch…well I am working all of today and late until the day before yesterday, so a moment of Friday social time was well overdue. I have taken to carrying my camera with me where ever I go, and if I do leave it at home by mistake I feel very under equipped. I noticed straight away when I walked into his lounge these images through the tops of 2 glass decanters and snapped away. Cropped it a bit and added the minutest touch of yellow to it and here it is – the view from his  window.

SONG OF THE DAY – Michael Macdonald -Reflections

I love this voice….. sigh….

Photo of the Day – London Chimneys

I took this picture out of window of the Victoria and Albert Museum last week. I was thinking today about open fires and chimneys. My friends in the county will be ‘loggin up’ and looking forward to some roaring fires by now.  I love that sight in the country when you see smoke coming out of the chimneys and the smell of burning wood. I have lived in a place in London where we had an open fire, but I think it was all smokeless fuel so as to earadicate the ‘pea soupers’ of olden times. If it looks like there is a bit of smog in the photo, it is probably a sticky fingerprint on my lens….in fact I should probably make it my trademark as most of my photos have a blurry bit somewhere, where I have got some grime on the lens…sorry…

Better check your chimneys are clear.

SONG OF THE DAY -Step in time -Mary Poppins

More Chimneys  best shoes and the worst cockney accent ever..ha ha..

Schools Out For Summer!

And if you are not out by now, you will be by about 1pm, so like I said yesterday, this is a day round our way to avoid the pubs as the secondary school teachers are out and the sturdy  young ones and the drinkers ( as an ex -secondary music  teacher, who taught 500 inner London teenagers a week, I have to say alcohol helps) will start drinking at 2 and continue until they fall over…raaaaaa!

Yesterday, my song of the day was School’s Out by Alice Cooper and today I am just musing over that feeling that you get or can reminisce about.  The first day of the summer holidays! A head teacher in the first school I was a full time music teacher, told me to bottle the feeling of the key going into your front door on the first day of the summer holidays…..I am now aiming to have that feeling every single day of the year…The feeling of being free everyday.

One thing about teaching, people think you are so lucky to have big holidays, but the holidays are set in stone,  timetables are relentless, and by the time you get to the beginning of the summer holidays it is usually about 4 weeks too late. You are so tired, you spend 2 weeks  licking your inner wounds ( mmm interesting turn of phrase …I don’t think I will use that again). You might spend 2 weeks feeling like a real person and then you spend 2 weeks counting down back to the madness that is teaching life. Anyone who thinks teacher have an easy life should spend a week in a class room. It is really really hard and teachers need more respect…big respect.

It has all got a bit quiet round here. I hear that at this time of the year over a  million Londoners leave for healthier climates – I am convinced they are replaced with about the same amount of tourists and visiting school trippers in  crazy t-shirts, sensible plastic macs, bum bags  and backpacks.

The tourists stay in the hot spots, so round our way there is a kind of erie hush in the air which might be like this until the end of the August Bank Holiday…deep joy!

So I have a slight lifting of my spirits about the fact soon much of my life will be my own again, but still have another 8 days of work before I can dissolve into a mush for a few weeks and see if I can get rid of the underlying chesticoff  (not in Russia).

SONG OF THE DAY – Queen  – I want to break free

Sort of never really liked the more popular Queen era and I believe they all got rather hedonistic in their big glory days, but this song, a bit like some of the Abba songs is a grower and the sentiment is great for today. I find the video a bit distracting from the song…ha ha dresses and moustaches….only funny for so long. And Bless Mr Freddie…Surely he had enough money to wear a shirt…unless the lack of shirt was part of his freedom thang. I personally find it better to listen to the song with my eyes closed.