… but sometimes it feels like one. I think I am having a sort of diary-ish sort of time, and that is ok. Here  I sit, accompanied by the drilling of  the TV presenter’s new basement being built and the humming of my computer speaker, still wondering about doing a blog everyday for 2011. It has been an extraordinary process. Some days I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write, and if I think of the amount of hours I have spent over the last 11 months,  correcting my dreadful spelling, well it is staggering and amazing. So some pictures and musings from yesterday, which was another action packed day in then life of. I went to Edgware in the morning and got back on an empty train, again. It did not stay that way  for long, and by about Colindale it was half full. A man felt the need to make me take my shopping off the seat next to me so he could sit right up close, although there were loads of empty areas in the carriage, and then promptly put all his luggage on the empty seat next to him and  got his smelly fish paste sandwiches out, at which point I took a little stroll down the carriage with my big rucksack and shopping bags. There are some strange people about…..

I went home, cooked a large lamb stew, which should have lasted for a couple of days, but somehow got completely polished off by the end of the evening. I took a train to Bletchley to look at the MK Dons football stadium, in the dark, which was fun. This is where the  Milton Keynes Half-Time Choir (still time to join!) will be  singing so I  had a little yodel in the empty stadium, and saw where our allotted seats were…. I then went to  The Community Centre in Wolverton, which is part of Milton Keynes, but  an older part of town where they used to build trains, to have a practice with some of the lovely people who are going to sing in the stadium. We had a practice last week and this week, to break the ice of the piece which is a 4 part acapella medley of  ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone, and All You Need is Love” …it is going to be great, and I have done practice downloads so people can still join the project and listen to the downloads from the The Stables website. The songs sound a lot better with a massed choir than just me singing them as a practice piece. They sounded amazing last night, I can’t wait to hear them all together on the 10th December. I got a late train back the Euston and saw this train in the station and thought how much fun it would be to go on the sleeper and end up in Scotland in the morning.

A funny moment on the tube on the way home. I had tried to phone Mr P. on my way home and got no reply on either the home line or the mobile, and I started to worry and  my vivid imagination concocted a scenario of me finding  him dead at the  bottom of a ladder or something as mundane ( vivid imagination can be useful but deeply tragic sometimes). I started to descend a downward slope, thinking about how I am having to get used to being an old lady, as my face has moved south so quickly over the last little while that I hardly recognise myself, and now would also be partnerless.  I sat there surrounded by a full tube of people almost in tears, when a young black man at the other end of the carriage started shouting at me. He was wearing his jaunty pork pie hat and  I recognised him, as he spends most of his life smiling outside the local shop with a guitar in one hand and possibly a can of beer in his other. He suddenly shouted down the carriage at me ‘hey you in the hat!…do you like Bob Marley?’ I nodded and at that moment  got off the tube (it was my stop) I walked along the carriage toward where he was standing  at his open door and he said to me something along the lines of that phrase…’if I was a few years younger..you would be the girl for me, but I am on the rebound at the moment’ and the doors shut… it made me howl with laughter as he must be 15 years younger than me and I am feeling 15 years older than I am… I know he is a bit mad..nice mad, possibly a bit blinded by my funky hat. It was just a really funny little thing to happen when I was sitting on the tube, in my mind gearing myself up to  being a widow and behaving with  the appropriate grace I feel I should have when I lose Mr P. …talk about changing the mood…….

I got out of the tube, rang home again and Mr P. had reappeared as if by magic. Ha ha . He’d been to the local pub to meet his new ‘Green’ Friends and forgot his mobile…..

SONG OF THE DAY I Shot the Sheriff -Bob Marley

Live at the Rainbow -major regret in my life is that I never got to this venue that I have walked past thousands of time…since its closure. And major regret that I never saw Bob Marley live…what a magnificent man and what a band! A little quote from Wiki ” Marley faced questions about his own racial identity throughout his life. Although Marley recognised his mixed ancestry, throughout his life and because of his beliefs, he self-identified as a black African He once reflected:

I don’t have prejudice against meself. My father was a white and my mother was black. Them call me half-caste or whatever. Me don’t dip on nobody’s side. Me don’t dip on the black man’s side nor the white man’s side. Me dip on God’s side, the one who create me and cause me to come from black and white’

His fathers roots where from Essex which makes me very happy to think that I could also be blood related to Bob. Long shot I know but …would that not be so cool? So Cool…yes

Old Street roundabout is one of a number of places in London that does not rock my boat.  I was working near there yesterday and took this photo. The station  never seems to get any more desirable as a place to be, and still feels really crummy, as it has always done. It  is  directly under this big ugly roundabout, which I suppose is why there are big ugly turrets for possibly air vents, instead of trees. I hate the wierd structure that  the billboard hangs from…ugly, ugly, ugly. Even though the area around has become very hip and trendy, with Shoreditch and Hoxton just up the road, the roundabout and tube station  labyrinth underneath, continue to be a bit of a hole and in my humble opinion, a depressing eyesore. Funny though, as I give the picture a second look, I notice there are some bushes in the roundabout I don’t remember seeing before, probably as your eye is drawn to the ugly structure, so everything else shrinks by comparison. Yuk.  Something a bit more attractive to balance up the day. A tree I took a photo of the day before  yesterday in Edgware.



I feel we cannot have one with out the other as the Archies were such a big part of my teenage life and the Bob Marley one is great. SO here they are….time for a bit of ‘compare and contrast’. What do you think?

I have been a sensible girl for years. I used to do  crazy ( or not, depending on how you feel about  it) detoxes a fairly seasonally. but I have not done one for ages.

Organic Short Grain Rice

The first ever one I did was when I was about 19 and did a 10 day brown rice diet (organic short grain with a seasoning of  gomasio, which is sea salt and lightly roasted sesame seeds ground together…. very tasty addition  but could not touch it for years after). That was pretty intense and I had a CRACKING headache for 3 days, like I had never experienced.

Having said that after that, the diet improved my health immensely as I had been suffering from recurrent tonsillitis and all the homeopaths I have ever met have said have told me that my immune system had been compromised by having all the inoculations for a trip to India when I  was 18..that included yellow fever, which is made from  something to do with eggs which I now seem unable to stomach. My whole body got  a complete,  temporary covering of what looked like nettle stings after the injections.

I ate a strict  macrobiotic diet (with fish) for about 6 months and was the most healthy I have ever been in my entire life….I slept (what’s that?) jumped out of bed at 7 every morning( 7am? I don’t know that time is  at all) but  had no friends…ha ha ha !

So as I have seemed to have some wierd rashes and things that seem to be suggesting my body might be suffering from overload, the time is right and I have eaten nothing but organic apples, water and herbal tea for 48 hours and the headache is gone and I am feeling ok, if not a little tired. CAN I SAY AT THIS POINT I AM NOT RECOMMENDING DE-TOX TO ANYONE. If you suddenly get the urge to do it, make sure you are ready and able, you read enough about the subject, and be aware if you even imbibe small amounts of caffeine, the detox headache is a really stonking pain.


SONG OF THE DAY  Bob Marley -Waiting in Vain.Have been singing this  lately with my own guitar accompaniment . Lovely song. I think this version has been loaded onto youtube from vinyl as it jumps a couple of times….cool!