Chilling in my back room this morning and realise I have not one, but two rusty coloured visitors in our little London garden. A small fox comes and just hangs out, scratching it’s fleas, soaking up  a little bit of sun between the rain storms. It is sitting at the back of the garden when  the stray ginger cat arrives,  sits at the window, pressing its nose to the glass. It has taken a shine to doing this, every morning this week.

The two animals take absolutely no notice of each other.


On  Monday the Bishopsgate Singers do a stonking sharing of the Motown and Soul songs we have been practising this term. We had a fantastic time. The Bishopsgate Singers  is a community choir with no audition, and the sound is amazing! Once in a while we get a beautifully, slightly out of tune foghorn (sometimes several) who seems not to realise that there are no boats to be called  to safety, that it is actually sunny outside, or that they are deafening the person next to them who is too polite to say anything. Somebody has to get the job of taming those amazingly powerful voices….guess who? I love inclusivity…most of the time!


Best Whistling ever!

Mr P. here again. In Gitika’s absence, I spent Sunday practicing singy stuff, acapulco styley for the Bishopsgate Singers  later on today.

Turns out being in charge of this choral stuff is quite fiddly, and not enjoyable at all. Gitika seems to be having such a good time! Anyway after several hours of soprano this, and tenor that, I finally had a major breakthrough…. Unison !

Yes unison! It means we all sing on the same note at the same time, and then just have a jolly good sing song.

User friendly methinks, although I am bit nervous about teaching this revolutionary style, especially as Gitika is a tough act to follow.

I have done away with some of the more worthy songs, and introduced some proper stuff. We will start with ‘Sweet Jane’ a old american world music traditional by the Velvets followed by that old English song ‘Holidays in the Sun’ by the Pistols.

Gitika is quiet now, the impending Doctors visit will soon change that. 

SONG OF THE DAY 23 -Blonde Redhead Thank god I am choosing the music. 

Got Gitika back from the Zoo today, she is still a little grouchy, looks like I have to get a Tetanus  shot. So quarantine for 16 weeks! Its going to be tough, still as long as I cover her Workshops and blog I see no major problem.

She will be properly assessed by the Doctor tomorrow, but methinks the Zoo was a simple trigger that pushed her over the proverbial edge.

Mr P feeding the birdies this morning.

Everything was fine at first we looked at the Aquarium then the insect house and it was only when we had lunch that I noticed her dribbling more than usual. Then after lunch while wondering through the Gorilla Kingdom that she bolted over the ” moat” and was last seen swinging from an old tyre screaming “give me the note”!

Anyway she is now heavily sedated holding a organic fruit mix, muttering stuff about Soprano’s.

Anyway here are a selection of pics of me feeding the birds in the snow this morning then I am off to practice some singy acapulco stuff for the Bishopgate choir tomorrow. Might add a little something from my own repertoire ( Holidays in the sun by J.Lydon)

SONG OF YOUR DAY – Amusement Parks on Fire – Solera La Reina

One of my favourite bands Amusement parks on fire hail from Nottingham England famous for inventing the white stiletto and Torville and Dean.

I am always rattling on about The Bishopsgate Singers, who meet at the Bishopsgate Institute every Monday night and are like my homies, as it is the only choir that I started from scratch, and did  not inherit.  We are in one hall, learning pop and world by ear, while the  massively marvellous sounding Royal Philharmonic Choir are learning whizzy classical works in the the other…now that would be a fine collaboration, but I feel it may never ever ever happen ( ha ha…I  also feel a challenge coming on!) I thought it was time to put you out of your misery and show you a picture of the front of the Bishopsgate Institute, neatly tucked in between Pizza Express and  shirt shop, so it would be easy to miss. There now is an entrance round the corner in Brushfield Street, next to Starbucks, and a lovely cafe. The Building is listed, built in the 1890’s and goes back for miles. It has 2 enormous halls, a library and lots of smaller spaces, the list of course and concerts they run is exciting and  varied. A quick picture of the church and the goat in Brushfield Street, just as the sun was going down.

SONG OF THE DAY Cheryl Cole -Promise This

Ok the secret is out…I love this is so beautifully styled.  I love the  shadowy dancing boys and the bare tree silhouette on CC’s dress and in the distance.  Written by Priscilla Renea Hamilton from the US ( 23 years old!). As a songwriter she has written for several big singers and has a couple of albums out too.