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Poetry Corner

Today I am introducing you to Hannah Double Barrel and her marvellous spoken word. I am directing you to her marvellous blog where you can read A poem by Hannah, and then many more as you travel around her blog. 

Hannah and Mr P. has a special relationship ( ha ha ) as when Hannah was little and went to a dreaded after school club, Mr P was one of the play workers. Now she is all gorgeous and grown up ( ah) she is a mistress of the spoken word. Her blog is cool and full of marvellous stuff…..more on that tomorrow, particularly on her undercover Zombie work.

Pierre Barrel and Margaret Double

Pierre Barrel and Margaret Double

Her Mum and Dad perform at our acoustic club ( like to keep it in the family) which we had 2 mights ago. It was a quiet, yet intimate night as there must have been something good on the tv. We don’t have to use that excuse anymore now we have catch up. Perhaps lots of people came over all wussy as they panicked about returning to work the next day. Any way it was a lovely evening and my guitar playing just gets better and better.


Yes ! Travolta dancing on the lighty upy dance floor. I had a job as a bar maid for a year in a big night  club when this came out, and on our nights off we all went  there and danced all night, so I am through no fault completely steeped in DISCO!

My Least Favourite “Middle Eight”

So I once won fifty quid for singing ‘Get Here’ written by the amazing Brenda Russell, sung by the superb Oletta Adams in a karaoke competition, AND I can nearly play it on the piano – even though my middle name is ‘banana fingers’. The intro of the song and the first verse are gorgeous ‘you can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trail way, you can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind…but suddenly, for me, the lyrics  start to disintegrate  ‘you can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man ( no, no, no !). We keep it together as the piano riff is so hypnotic…well done Brenda it is beautiful…but then we get to the middle eight which for some reason, I feel it sounds like she finished it in her tea break, and I mean no offence ‘There are hills and mountains between us Always something to get over. If I had my way, surely you would be closer I need you closer’ mmmmm – the chords just take it into a land of  Gromit and cheese…I hope Brenda might read this blog and I can challenge her to a middle eight dual-whooooo who do I think I am..??

Brenda Russell,  Grammy winning songwriter royalty vs. me, a lowly unknown  impoverished vocal arranger. Well we is all entitled to our opinions and I think the middle eight of  ‘Get Here ‘ is baldy pants.

I feel the same about the Bee Gees’s middle eight of ‘Nights on Broadway’. Such an energy packing song  for dancing round the kitchen, massive screaming  backing vocal opportunities and then  splot!  we are invited to have a slow dance for eight bars, total change in feel..aargh…….and then  back to dancing on your own round the kitchen table…I usually sit down for 8 bars wailing how much ‘I  blinkin’ hate this bit’ ( bit of an opportunity to get my breath back though) then carry on dancing at the end. So, my quest is to find some more really stinking middle eights, which just slap the fine tunes that sandwich them  with the equivalent of a musical wet fish has begun..please join me in my quest…lets hang the barstools out to dry for all to see. love x x x

SONG OF THE DAY So we will start with Nights on Broadway…tell me you like the middle eight..tell me what I am missing..the rest of the song rocks- particularly the backing vocals after the middle eight.