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  1. I’d like to find out how to book you to do a day’s workshop in Sarratt next year please.

    Kind Regards, Gill Norris

  2. Wow Gitika, you’re fabulous (excuse me for gushing!) I have just enjoyed being taught by you at Hereford Harmony (my first singing/camping experience). I am fortunate to go to the equally fabulous Roxane’s choirs and am becoming a dum dum devotee. I looked at your videos – I can’t even imagine being that free at the moment , but do manage to express myself in painting, Thanks again, Candy

  3. Hi Gitika, just wanted to say thanks for an amazing weekend at Hereford Harmony. I thought you were awsome!

    Jen xx

  4. Wow! What a fantastic day we all had yesterday in Southampton! We learnt so much in such a short time and had lots of fun too! Lots of laughter mixed with amazing harmonies; the perfect recipe for a brilliant day! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! Thank you, Gitika! xx

  5. Hi Gitika – I really enjoyed the Southampton workshop this Saturday – thanks so much. Are any of the songs we did available as mp3 in parts? Only it would quite nice if a few of us learned one well so we could perform this at a charity concert. The ‘train song’ (sorry I forget the title!!) was especially fun I thought 😀
    Bless you
    David Farndale (Bass)

  6. Hi Gitika and Siggy
    Just bumped into funky mouse and aardvark on youtube. Absolutely fantastic. My 6 and 8 year old boys think that you guys rock! The 4 year old is dancing and grooving to the chill beats as I type. Thanks for posting these, brings a smile to my day here in Tokyo.
    Am reminded of the excellent times we shared in Haringey,
    John and Cynthia (from NZ)

  7. Gitika I could not find your email address so using this to thank you for the lovely disc with the familiar songs, your card and good wishes
    I have been sorry to miss so many sessions but the enthusiasm and laughs are a joy
    Very many thanks
    Naomi – Canary Wharf \ideas store

  8. Hello Gitika,

    I’m looking for an SATB version of Harvest for the World, and saw on Youtube that you’ve done one – and it sounds gorgeous. Is it available to buy?

    Very best wishes,

    Liz Powers
    MD Manchester Community Choir

  9. Hi, I heard the Wyvern Choir sing your arrangment of Happy Togther at Music For Youth and would love to have my choir sing it – does it come in an SSA or SA version as I only have girls in my youth choir. We are entering a compeition soon and it ould contrast really well with our other chosen pice. I look forward to hearing from you. Vicki B

  10. Hi Gita, any workshops or groups going on in N.London? Am looking for something to join in 2012 and your stuff seems lovely. Thanks, Emily

  11. We are looking for a new Musical Director. I am no sure how to get in touch with you to see if you would be interested or knew anyone who might be interested.All looks so good on your website.

    1. and what super cake it is too! The house is full of Delia Smith cheap boxes of christmas cake ( down to £2.50 in waitrose from a tenner) that Mr. P is baking almost daily. The cake is fed with brandy, again almost daily, so will ship you some….and there will be christmas cake here until at least easter ( and I can’t eat it as I am gluten intollerent -which I sadly cannot spell!)

  12. I see that you were in Southampton last year – will you be coming back and who organised it? I live in Winchester and would love to do one of your days.

  13. Hi Gitika, I’d love to sing with you again (after – hmm let’s see – 42 years), if you’re doing something near Watford, do please let me know, I’m sad to say I didn’t keep up my singing from Callowland (with Mrs Couch) and St.Mary’s church choir, and would appreciate a confidence-booster; I don’t really think I’m any good nowadays – I try to play the trumpet, but sadly, it’s something I’ve had to revisit after 35-ish years, and we don’t absorb things quite as easily as we used to! But hey, it’d be good to at least try! So, if there’s a Sarratt happening, do please let me know! Best Regards,
    Dave Fletcher

  14. Hi Gitika
    I really enjoyed the Dublin workshop. I’m the one who was shy about singing in public. Yesterday I was walking on my local beach and I heard an Italian woman singing to her toddler. I recognized the song and sang the next line of the song to her as I passed. That and my dip in the Irish Sea left me on a high all day.
    Thanks a million

  15. Thanks for an inspiring, uplifting, energetic and often emotional weekend in Borth – such beautiful sounds! Hope to see you again. Julie – Rhyl! (PS I think it’s got to be Highway to Hell!!!!)

  16. Great to see you again at Croydon Hall with Earthly Voices. What a weekend that was – oh an by the way, Ali gave birtth to their second daughter on Tuesday 13th March! All that late night groovin’ in Somerset must have helped! Looking out for any sessions that you do – like the the one at the Festival Hall – a couple years ago.

    Take Care, lots of love, Gilly xx

  17. Have just discovered your blog while googling for clog makers in Hindley. A very interesting and amusing read. My ancestors were cloggers in the area. My mum also was in a sanitorium for most of her childhood through TB in the hip, She lived in Atherton/Tyldesley area and was sent away to i think Biddulph Grange(?), i think it was taken over by the americans as a hospital during the war years while she was there. We eventually lived in Blackpool and my step-grandad used to go to the miners home for short stays. Funny, i’ve lived in Oz for 20 yrs and whenever I am asked for where I come from the reaction to my reply is nearly always a rendition of Little stick of Blackppol Rock.

      1. mum was there around 1940 ish I think and she was there for a few years, her parents hardly visited her. Must have been hard for a small child in a strange place. Sir Harry Platt operated on her and replaced the diseased part of her hip with a pigs bone, an experimental operation at the time. Biddulph Grange was featured on an Australian gardening programme a few years ago (Burkes Backyard) and I didn’t twig until later that it was the same place mum was in.
        A small world indeed.

      2. my dad told me that his parents were only allowed to visit for 2 hours every month as the powers that be thought it would upset the kids too much…very upsetting as every month his dad used to say he would take him home in his pocket..and of course he did not…his mum used to send him cakes and the nurses ate them, and the matron was really strict and made them lie to attention in bed. He does not and never did talk about it much as it was a harrowing experience, he saw other little children die who just could not cope with the separation . He was probably there at the same time as your mum as he was born in 1931 and contracted tb when he was about 6 and was in sanatoriums for most of his childhood.He has an astonishing ability to keep everyone happy, and the hospital hated him going home as he was so good for morale. He never has a hip bone until about 15 years ago when they finally gave him a new socket, too late for the muscles though,,,that sounds like a wildly experimental thing your mother had done. x

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