well lets be more realistic…aiming for one a day but if i get one a week i shall not torment myself too much…the thing really is not too peak too early…peaking should be about 31st Dec 2011!


Happy Birthday To YOU! Blimey me and Mickey go back a long way. I think we ‘went into the studio’ about 1984 or 5. I met him in a local pub, and the rest, as they say is history.  Hundreds of gigs and songs later…..So its MBG’s birthday today.


Congratulations for reaching a fine age, and see you later, the trifle is nearly ready! To celebrate this birthday I am publishing a few fine photos of me and


Mickey through our musical partnership through the years and a little bit of video of us practising just the other week.

– It is very good of Mickey to let me play the guitar with him as he is an old master, as I am really a bit of a fledgling.

I am still sorting out my speech for January 1st and my proper life plan for the next year in between sorting out my computer which is on misbehave mode, so has to be turned off and ignored until it calms down and remembers its place. It sounds a bit silly to have a ( before I  kick the) bucket list, but it is good to have a focus , not that I really need more to do!


The first time I saw Mickey he was playing in his band Penguin Fury at the Stapleton Pub in Stroud Green in about 1982. He was the guitarist and they had a stuffed penguin at the front of the stage. They were very good. The drummer Bruno Perosa is a film maker too   (he edited Raining In China) the thing is can you work out which of the band is Mickey?

Coming home on the train last night was lovely. It was quiet, I just turned on my laptop and did some work for a couple of hours. We have been so lucky with all our extensive train manouvers over the festive period, and have seemed to be going the opposite way from the larger body of travellers.

I am a terrible people watcher. One thing I notice on trains is young  trendy men who have obviously been to visit their parents for the festive period, and are returning to the big smoke. It makes me smile when they get out a packet of very nicely packed sandwiches that their mum must have made them for the journey home. Sweet.

I have been wondering again about having a go at getting in an aeroplane again. It has been a long time ( 1987 to be exact) and I would not even know how to book a flight on line. I am wizzy at booking train tickets, but just would not know how to start. I am off to Dublin to run  a days workshop at the end of feb. and would go on the train and the ferry, but am thinking the ferry might be a bit rough at that time of year, and if you do the ferry and the train its about 7 hours, but once you have got to the airport and hung around, I am not sure if you would save much time anyway. I also have a problem with flying  hither and thither for ecological reasons….though I have saved up a few carbon footprints over the last 24 years! Help needed please…..

SONG OF THE DAY-  Can’t Speak French – Girls Aloud ( and a version in french)

This is to cheer up my blogger mate Seycen.  Miranda Eleanor De Fonbrune Cooper is one of the co-writers of this song…what a fantabulous a name, and a great pop songwriter! I wish I could speak french, but I can’t…… so  I ‘ll  just have to let the funky music do the talking now. One to three…hit it! quick pogo round my office. x x x

and in french…….

I am only joking. We have had a lovely time away but it is time today to return to our  rented shoe box in the middle of the road in foggy London town. I have enjoyed being in big rooms where I could dance without hitting the walls every time I swung a cat. That has been lovely. At home there is very little chance of dancing except in the traditional Irish style with hands firmly by one’s side and using steps that  resemble the pogo.

I have also enjoyed spending time with the nieces, nephews and in-laws. There are so many of them! Check out my new year’s walk nearly a year ago (1/1/11) with a small handful of them here. I only have one living auntie, parents, one sister and 5 cousins on my side of the family. Mr P. has 10 living aunts and uncles and about 40 cousins, and a grandmother who has  over 50 grandchildren. You go to events at his neck of the woods and he does not introduce me to people, because there are so many of them, he does not remember so any of their names!  Over the years I have got to more than nodding acquaintance with very many of them, and what a varied cast they are, from car-line workers, forklift truckers,  lorry driver owners, pub landlords, pharmacists, teachers, nurses to surgeons. Yesterday Mr. P. was still too ill, so I went to watch masses of his family members go go-carting in a big place on the North Wales border. I wish I had had a go, no one was sure if the fact I did not drive might have hindered me, and also they all paid £35 each for the experience, which seemed grand as they all got to race round about 5 times and wear jumpsuits that made them all look like formula one drivers! cool.

So I am on my way home by now, let’s hope the train is not too packed and the mice have not had too much of a party since I left.

SONG OF THE DAY – Ace – how long has this been going on?

1975 eek. My first proper rock concert at the Roundhouse Camden. Went on the bus with a new date and some lads , my date  promptly ditched me. My mum made me clean the whole house before she would let me go. I had to phone my dad to come and rescue me from Radlett railway station after the journey home with the lads who did not speak to me and just left me there…thought he would be really cross and shout…but he didn’t..I wish I had washed my hair and  worn that hideous brown coat, then I am sure things would have been very different.ha ha ha . Funny that all these years later I remember the dilemma of wondering if I should wash my hair, or whether it would last another day……..Patrick Dennis, you should be ashamed of yourself!


Quite a  funny turn of phrase on the  big day..‘hurry up, or we’ll be here ’til christmas…ho ho ho… it is christmas!’, but suddenly on boxing day the phrase loses it’s flavour on the goal post overnight, because that really is a long wait. I myself am delighted to know how long a wait it will be until christmas is with us again.

Mr P. now has my nasty chestikoff and cold, and the in-law christmas socials are not over yet – we are supposed to be going go-carting today, neither of us drive a car, Mr P. is feeling really lousy, so I am no sure how this will go down.

I made a wicked trifle yesterday for the traditional  in-law boxing day buffet. Very few of the in-laws ate it…ah well, more for Mr P.. Moving on to opening presents, which is a logical next step?…On the big day I was lucky enough  to get half a

jigsaw puzzle of London to unwrap – thanks brother and sister-in-law.. no really…… thanks x x…. It was all a bit touch and go as we sat round the tree in the morning  of the big day, with all the in-laws -presents were flying around everywhere apart from for us…and it would have been so embarassing for everyone if there had been  absolutely nothing for us to open…or perhaps no-one would have noticed, so once again I have to thank them for the jigsaw…..Bit worried about the fact they think that we have got to the age where we sit in and do jigsaws…I would rather have my teeth pulled than  sit still and complete a jigsaw, and that is really  saying something – shoowaddywaddy. Fortunately all the brother in laws and dad got stuck in and did the border, so the worst job is done, and Mr P. is quite fond of a jigsaw, and I am quite fond of pictures of London……Mum saved the day by sending me a pair of hand knitted socks, so all was not lost on the opening present front, though hers came in  cool christmas canvas. It is always  nice to have something to unwrap on the day even if you spell christmas with a small c. Thanks mum.

SONG OF THE DAY – Living in a Box -Living in a Box