So there is me and Shakespeare and Shirley Temple and the Six Million Dollar Man and many many more and several other trillions who share the birthday of  Saint Georges Day. St George is the patron saint of Aragon, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal and Russia!

So disappeared from the throbbing metropolis what is London to the quietness what is Shropshire. 8 miles from a shop and a pub and 7 minutes walk to the nearest road , surrounded by….sheep!


Deep deep joy it was not to hear the hum of the 4 close neighbours’ tvs and electrical appliances that seep through walls and ceilings, and the dainty feet of the upstairs giant who clumps up and down the stairs, be it day or night, or the flushing of upstairs toilet, turning of a taps, showering…’till the wee small hours of the night,  the rumble of the buses and the light pollution …ah, home sweet home! No wonder the country folk want to keep us townies away. What is that noise over yonder valley? It’s a bird ! I wonder if we took the population of Britain and then divided the land out evenly how much we would each get?

So  Polly  our beautiful host had a birthday party too in the local hall  as she had a special birthday and we danced and ate and sung and had a thoroughly lovely time.

dancing on a saturday night….
clap clap here and a clap clap there

Cracking kaylee  band ( don’t ask me to spell it!) we  walked and sat and watched the weather.

what! still crocheting?

Wow that volcanic dust did sure help the sunsets! Check out my Photo of the week.




Sunset over Shropshire with a hint of Icelandic Fairy Dust

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