Meeting a friend in a couple of hours for a much needed natter and a cuppa, and have decided there is time to walk . In March I posted  about the marvellous and ever flourishing site called walkit .com (Old Post About Walk It). It is not just for Londoners as there is information about many towns and cities in the UK. The wonderful thing is you can put your postcode in and then decide on direct, least polluted and it prints you out a map, written directions with all the important landmarks and how many steps it will take, the time it will take depending if you are racing, or chilling, how many calories you use, depending on how fast you are moving, and how much CO2 you are saving from tube car or bus (interestingly tube is less emissive than bus, but then that is probably because all it’s emissing is happening underground?)

Walkit now do circular routes from your house ( good for dog walkers) so you can tap in how long you want to walk and at what speed and it will sort out a nice little circular walk for you ( if you can call the Holloway Road a nice part of a circular walk)

So I had better get my skates ( good sensible walking shoes on ) as it is 2.4 miles, a mere snip for my fit friends, and will take between 36 mins and 1hr 13 mins depending if I am slacking or not!

SONG OF THE DAY  Band of Horses  – Detlef Schrmpf

Something gentle this morning , and a reminder to me with my songwriting hat, that it does not have to be chunky chunky strumming all the time. This is for Mr P.

Can I be upfront here and say if I met a mnemonic walking down the road I would n’t know him from Adam -I had to look it up. I always forget which one of these strange words belongs to which state of wording, you know the ones, palindrome, anachronism, backronym etc.

To remember the colours of the rainbow in the right order you do not sing that silly song ‘I can sing a rainbow’. For one thing, there is no pink in the rainbow, and who ever saw pink and green next to each other in the colour spectrum…duh. Traditionally, the way you learn the colours in the right order is to remember the little ditty. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain – for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. I need a funnier ( keep it clean please) rhyme I can use with kids. If you think of a good one, you will get a mention in the credits of the new song I am going to write that will help us what ever age to remember what of the visible light spectrum. I now find out ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ was written by Arthur Hamilton who wrote ‘Cry Me a  River’…blimey that was a bit of a change of tack. Any bright ideas spring to mind?


Video by Me!!! singing and songwriting by my good self  and Andy McCrorie -Shand If you have never heard 3 BUCKET JONES before…you never know you might like it


It’s never too late to take up the piccolo, the guitar, the piano, learn Spanish, Italian, cookery,  rambling, good manners, bad manners  …never too late. I am just re-reading ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron…she says that hostility is met when she says this and people shout..’do you have any idea how old I will be by the time  I am any good at the piccolo?’ (paraphrased)

And the answer is the same age as if you don’t

SO today I am shouting out -IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO SOMETHING…IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Now I am off to the Zoo.

SONG OF THE DAY -Kylie Minogue -It’s never too late

My mate Barnaby played trombone for Kylie and Mr P. was so jealous when Kylie slid down his leg at the O2 . When I met the writers of much of Kylie’s early songs, one of them boasted about how many key changes they had in some of their hits…what ever rocks your boat. I am sending one of them a lot of love today…where ever he is. I forgive you.