My post is quite late today as I was up at 6.30am this morning and out of the house by 6.40am …prepared everything last night. It has been a while since I was on a tube before 7am! It is a good time to travel in London as most people are not awake yet. I have to say, my arrival back into Waterloo at 6pm was a bit scarey. Wow, it was so busy. Fortunately I was going the other way. Most people were trying to leave town as I was coming back. I took my photo of the day on the way to the tube this morning.

Now I am going to have a little nap. Happy Days.

SONG OF THE DAY – M83- Midnight City

Today its mostly photos from my journey around London yesterday. I attended this amazing  one day course organised  by Sing Up. Not sure what it was going to be as I had seen the word Media in the title, and when I got there it had the word, ‘interviewing’ Media in it. Gulp – It was all about learning how to be interviewed on Radio and TV            ( something I have never done before)

watching back my interview

At the end of the day I have to say, I felt a littler bit more confident about being asked, though when we practiced being interviewed for tv it was completely nerve wracking! There were about 7 people on the course and we all found it really scarey, but learned some really useful hints and tips. Biggest ones being to smile and make eye contact with the interviewer, among many other things.

on the bus
The Lights of the London Eye from the train
From the Bus

St. Paul's Cathedral at lunchtime

So  I was on a bus, a tube, a train and here are some of the places I took photographs  during the day.

Waterloo Station


Genesis -The Carpet Crawlers -Peter Gabriel from ‘Lamb Lies down on