Up at my idea of the crack of dawn…you can say that in the winter and it is actually true! Got on a train to Milton Keynes . Met at the station by  the lovely BST. and delivered to the Stables Theatre for a practice for our  Mk Half-Time choir next weekend at the MK Dons v. Preston game. We had a good turn out and got through the piece…… sounding great!

Have a really quick listen …about 20 seconds  of bits of the medley recorded on  my tiny little camera. ( I am loving the snow effect on wordpress at the moment, everything just seems a little bit more festive) Had time for a giggle and a cup of tea too. There are still some more people who are just listening to the downloads and registering to come on the day for a rehearsal in the stadium and singing in the half time slot. What a lovely bunch of people, and what a great way of getting some locals together, as folks  are coming from all the local choirs from the rock, gospel, community and other choirs around….plus a few people who are not in a singing group at all, and just fancy trying singing in a big group!

The session flew by and before I knew it I was back in Euston. Time to do me blog for the day, have a swift snooze (drat I missed that window) before MBG coming over for a quick practice as we are doing a little friendly set at a local party, two guitars and voice, mostly covers. Two other sets of locals playing too. Then I shall spend Sunday mostly doing very little!

Oh  yes…quick update on the state of Christmas Cake number one…eaten only by Mr P….no sharing as yet.

SONG OF THE DAY – Then Came You

Bishopsgate Singers ( Dionne Warwick and the Detroit Spinners)

first time singing this  on Monday…lovely!

….so there is really no point in beating yourself up about the things you are not good at. Today we are going to remind ourselves about the things we do well. Many people were not supported enough as children and were left feeling abandoned or unfed, so easily fall into the place of feeling negative about themselves, it can take years of work to get over childhood traumas.

So today we are going to remember that every single one of us has at least 5 special qualities and talents (and I wish I  can remember where I heard this) You maybe the best  warm up act, the best  ‘finisher offer’ of tasks, the person who makes everyone feel good about themselves, the leader through the storm, the person who know exactly how big the space is where the wardrobe used to be, the person who does the scoring when you play darts,  the one who always delivers the best jokes, the person who knows that ‘that dress does not do anything for you’, the best parent even though you don’t have kids, the best cake maker, the best cake eater…..SO MANY TALENTS, SO OFTEN FORGOTTEN

Why not for today, have a proper good go at focussing on what you do that is good and put a lid on all the things you do that someone made you feel  insignificant or wrong about. Also remind someone you meet today of one of their special talents that you appreciate.

Lets do it! We are all wonderful unique beings…yay!

SONG OF THE DAY- Then Came You -Detroit Spinners and Dionne Warwick

I have arrangeded this for four part Acapella. We are singing this next week at Bishopsgate Singers  at Maxine’s request..thanks Max. The arrangement is finished wrapped up  and ready to roll. Such a great song.