Snapped this on a bus travelling from Aldgate to Bank in the fair City of London. I love that old new thing.

Talking of old new thing, my internet connection has been behaving like prehistoric dial up for the last few days. Need more coal to speed it up. Most frustrating.

SONG OF THE DAY -Wham  -Wake me up before you go-go

ha ha ha ha ….I’m gonna hit that hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! yeh yeh yeh !

One of my ex-flatmates from college used to sing backing vocals in one of those 80’s pop bands, the name escapes me, and then she got all famous on some programme, again the name escapes me. She was really spotty at college then got ever so  smooth, lycra covered, glossy and gorgeous. When we met her at a  recent  college reunion she looked 15 years younger than the rest of us…and she talked to us in a sort of  kind and lovely, but  glazed over way, like she was being nice to a bunch of fans not a bunch of mates..I suppose that can happen when you have a public persona and you forget to be your real self..a lesson for us all when we hit that hiiiiiiiiiigh ! yeh yeh yeh!

Secretly one of my favourite lyrics..’wake me up before you go-go, I’m not planning on going solo’

Where are those friggin' birds

Ok ok, so there is not exactly any wildlife in the photo I took last week, unless you think Mr P and Ms WJ are looking a bit on the wild side. I  can assure you, they are  both quite domesticated, and even if they have delusions of being ‘wild things’, they are both very tame. They are, of course looking for wild life….birds, of the feathered variety, so I felt the photo was in keeping with the theme. They are at this moment looking at some pink footed geese. The day had been quite full of some marvellous sightings, including, yellow hammers, corn buntings and egrets. Ra ra ra!


Rocking Robin -The Jackson Five -live version