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Another groovy old find from a cassette. Much earlier that the one yesterday. I am 6 my sister 5 and my brother 3. It was recorded on a reel to reel by a man who hung a microphone in the middle of our dinning room. Mum and Dad were recording a few songs to make a record for charity and thought it would be nice for us to sing on one.  I sang verse one, sister verse 2 and brother verse 3 (quite a feat at the age of 3!). The reel to reel is long gone, and I found the cassette which has always had a little edit on it as I think we did a few takes, and brother had much more interesting things to do than sing ….I mean when your three. there are toys to play with! I had another go at editing it (only my family will notice)

This photo is the only photo we have of us pre-performance. We once  did a big concert in Wigan  -Mum and Dad’s hometown ( probably about the time we sang  yesterday’s rendition of Deck the Halls). I think that might have been our swan song gig too!

Once again, a link for those with fancy ipaddy things….

click here for soundcloud link

Well it seemed silly not to enter, and as I love CD baby and everything they stand for. ‘Music for the people, by the people’.  If you want to find music that is not restricted or  chained to the major record company, this is the independent place to visit.

So…… my jingle must be my song of the day.

SONG OF THE DAY 1. Write a 30-second jingle about CD Baby (jingle must include “CD Baby” to be considered) and today I am trying soundcloud for the first time…click hear to hear my