And the star of the evening was….Paul!  We don’t know any more about him except that he does not work at The Star in Chester Road N19. That- was closed when we arrived at 8.30pm last night, all set for our monthly acoustic evening. We could see lights on at the top, but the bar was definately closed. So, as others were already planning music at Neil’s with tea, we held on, tried to find phone numbers and then noticed a man with a crash helmet lurking outside the pub.

It was Paul’s takeway, and if he had not ordered it to arrive, then our evening would not have been half as jolly. He was just staying over the pub while the owners took a well deserved night off…away….All I can say is, he is a top diamond geezer as he phoned the owners and let us all in, stayed and watched the music , sorted out a makeshift bar which he manned with one of our performers the lovely and very talented Nikki.

It was a good night as Strong White and Stephens had come home from Uni  for the hols and brought all their mates which is always amazing as the average age of us all rapidly decreases by about 30 years..great atmosphere…the  fabulous Big Heath (played with glock and accordion) Bruin’s Ruin, Cynthia, DonanElla ( who won), Peter and Maggie, Stetsun Stan, Mickey and I (playing my guitar to!), Rob to name but a few and Siggy on MC duties. So thanks Paul and the owners for letting us have a great night.


I heard it in a cafe today and it is without doubt the song with the best ‘additional vocals’ ever and boy have the Pips got the moves…choir members beware! any day now I might get you doing these.