I took this picture in my local playing fields a couple of days ago

and here is a picture of the moon taken  from my window last night


Steve Winwood -While you see a chance. Will always remind me of the lovely Anand Clive -who  now is in a far far better place. The Intro is amazingly evocative, and immediately takes me to another time and place. Have to say I had never seen the video until today and it is, in my humble opinion… a pile of pants. Ah well…I think I have a very dodgy pop video I made at the end of the 80’s, hiding on an old VHS somewhere in me flat, maybe its all just dust by now…..so we can all be forgiven.

Here is  picture of the BIG MOON over North London

and a trail of lights from a London bus…both taken in the last day.

So Michelle Piller -Starstruck Astorlogy says this about the full moon in cancer for anyone of you who believes any of this ‘mumbo jumbo’ ( me!) ‘There’s something very insular about Cancer’s energy, and this is intensified by the Full Moon’s presence here. The Moon rules Cancer, after all. We are all called to take responsibility for our emotional responses; and to look to ourselves, and members of our spiritual family, to strengthen the ties that will yield greater emotional and financial security. Allow the heightened intuition that this lunation brings to guide you, as you seek to make life more comfortable for yourself and others this week.’ It’s that simple.


Song of the Day

‘born with the moon in cancer’ came to mind as I walked down the road today. This song often makes me cry and funny it is about family ties, love, loss and selflessness.