…..really not sure. Quite a friendly face, seems to be the strong silent type though, possibly a bit cold, and I have to admit I don’t even know his name which is a bit rude as we have spent a whole night together. I am not sure yet if he is my type, he is a bit unnerving.  Where ever I am in the bedroom he is sitting there opposite my bed…staring at me. he has not mover yet. I have told him to desist but I think he might be a trifle hard of hearing as well as unable to speak. I can see my time with him is going to be a bundle of laughs. Well it is early days…I did notice when I turned the light on  in the middle of the night that he was still staring at me with that wry little smile and upturned eyebrow.   As I shall be sharing my room with him for the next few days, I will try a to attempt a  little light conversation this evening, maybe get some nibbles in, I am assuming he may be quite literate, you never know we might just find each other tolerable. At the moment I am yelling ‘bring back Mr P.’ he is much better company! Though there is a certain likeness. Am I just replacing like for like? A serial monogamist who has a thing for finely sculptured features? Top of the morning to you…..Later!

SONG OF THE DAY – Could it be I’m Falling in Love -The Detroit Spinners 

Up at my idea of the crack of dawn…you can say that in the winter and it is actually true! Got on a train to Milton Keynes . Met at the station by  the lovely BST. and delivered to the Stables Theatre for a practice for our  Mk Half-Time choir next weekend at the MK Dons v. Preston game. We had a good turn out and got through the piece…… sounding great!

Have a really quick listen …about 20 seconds  of bits of the medley recorded on  my tiny little camera. ( I am loving the snow effect on wordpress at the moment, everything just seems a little bit more festive) Had time for a giggle and a cup of tea too. There are still some more people who are just listening to the downloads and registering to come on the day for a rehearsal in the stadium and singing in the half time slot. What a lovely bunch of people, and what a great way of getting some locals together, as folks  are coming from all the local choirs from the rock, gospel, community and other choirs around….plus a few people who are not in a singing group at all, and just fancy trying singing in a big group!

The session flew by and before I knew it I was back in Euston. Time to do me blog for the day, have a swift snooze (drat I missed that window) before MBG coming over for a quick practice as we are doing a little friendly set at a local party, two guitars and voice, mostly covers. Two other sets of locals playing too. Then I shall spend Sunday mostly doing very little!

Oh  yes…quick update on the state of Christmas Cake number one…eaten only by Mr P….no sharing as yet.

SONG OF THE DAY – Then Came You

Bishopsgate Singers ( Dionne Warwick and the Detroit Spinners)

first time singing this  on Monday…lovely!