A list as long as your arm of things to do before I go to choir tonight so I am keeping this short and sweet and heading straight into my song of the day…

SONG OF THE DAY – Deep Forest -Marta’s Song

I love this song, and the album…never seen the video before….

A quesion posed by the brilliant ‘blog-a-day’ mentors. So much music, so many genres, so little time. There is one album that I listen to most when I need  to get connected, and again, here comes a little French link..The group are called Deep Forest, and the album is called Boheme . I first heard ‘Deep Forest’ and the album of the same name in a shop in the mid 90’s and it was one of the first of those hybrid mixes of ethnomusicological ( wow-did I spell that first time?)  vocal sound-bytes from Africa and wonderful synthesized beats and harmonies. I wore this one out. When Boheme came out I listened a bit, but as the years went by, the tracks continued to get under my skin. The first track, “Boheme’ has an intro that to this day has me in tears before the vocal even comes in..I don’t know why.

Its funny as there is what seems like a lot of programmed stuff in it, which I like on a purely physical level – some people call the style ‘ethno-introspective ambient world music’- obviously have a lot of time on their hands -but perhaps the linking of the electro, rhythmic and the most amazing set of real vocals…well, I love it, and more than anything, I keep coming back to it for solace. So that is my one album -like a fine wine. A compilation album of 10 tracks…now there’s another story for another day. have a good day.x x x. x x x