Up at my idea of the crack of dawn…you can say that in the winter and it is actually true! Got on a train to Milton Keynes . Met at the station by  the lovely BST. and delivered to the Stables Theatre for a practice for our  Mk Half-Time choir next weekend at the MK Dons v. Preston game. We had a good turn out and got through the piece…… sounding great!

Have a really quick listen …about 20 seconds  of bits of the medley recorded on  my tiny little camera. ( I am loving the snow effect on wordpress at the moment, everything just seems a little bit more festive) Had time for a giggle and a cup of tea too. There are still some more people who are just listening to the downloads and registering to come on the day for a rehearsal in the stadium and singing in the half time slot. What a lovely bunch of people, and what a great way of getting some locals together, as folks  are coming from all the local choirs from the rock, gospel, community and other choirs around….plus a few people who are not in a singing group at all, and just fancy trying singing in a big group!

The session flew by and before I knew it I was back in Euston. Time to do me blog for the day, have a swift snooze (drat I missed that window) before MBG coming over for a quick practice as we are doing a little friendly set at a local party, two guitars and voice, mostly covers. Two other sets of locals playing too. Then I shall spend Sunday mostly doing very little!

Oh  yes…quick update on the state of Christmas Cake number one…eaten only by Mr P….no sharing as yet.

SONG OF THE DAY – Then Came You

Bishopsgate Singers ( Dionne Warwick and the Detroit Spinners)

first time singing this  on Monday…lovely!

  Well he should, but probably won’t. His   “Potential Royal Rotundness” as he might be called soon, has single handedly made 2 large Delia Christmas cakes, which I suspect he is going to eat all on his own in a darkened room, turning down invitations to parties etc. so he can stay at home and eat cake. And why ever not!  He is ‘having his cake and eating it’, which I have to  applaud, as I think that saying  that says you can’t, is just plain unimaginative , because if you have two cakes, you can have  cake and eat it …for a while at least.

Last night Mr P. finally iced and marzipanned ( it is a verb! yeh!) the first of his two christmas cakes – the gluten free one, which he pretends he made for me. He has been feeding it with brandy almost every day for about 6 weeks. I did have a little 2 inch square just to say I have tried it and it is RICH, moist and very alcoholic. I probably will not have any more as it really is not my kind of thing, but watch this space as I may be doing regular updates on where the Christmas cakes have gone. I thought Christmas cake was a bit like wedding cake, that you shared it around, wrapped it in little packets, and gave it to people took it places with you etc etc……mmmmmmm fat chance….


If I could go back in time, this is one of the places I would go and I would be on that soul train…I love love love it!

It is the season of mellow fruitfulness and the  local farmer’s market is full of organic pumpkins and squash. After yesterday morning’s  rant, I seemed to spend the rest of the day eating and preparing food. I am not a big fan of gluten free bread, as I think it is like vegetarian meat substitute, the work of the devil! This is about the third time this year that I have indulged in a gluten free bacon sandwich! It was heavenly – that will do for another 4 months though…a bit too many ingredients in gluten free bread for me to trust it as a reliable food source. Then soon after the sandwich it was red cabbage, carrot and orange coleslaw with creme fraiche and mayonnaise and smoked mackerel, eaten in the garden, accompanied by some neighbour’s heavy drilling – way over the allotted construction hour around these parts. …Completely stuffed by 2 pm, what with the porridge, banana and maple syrup  in the morning  there would be no feeding necessary for the rest of the day, apart from a couple of carrot sticks and some hummous.

Back to Tom Waits. Mr P. is putting together his Christmas Cake today, second year in a row. He buys the Delia Christmas cake ingredients from Waitrose supermarket for a tenner. You get all the ingredients in little bags all measured out, and you then add citrus zest, eggs and butter to the packets from the fancy box. Mr P. has swapped the flour for gluten free, so I might have a piece this year. Outside of  the cake tin was wrapped some newspaper and there I spied in the oven Tom Waits hanging  – held there only by a piece of green string…. and there you were thinking if you were in the newspaper,

you were only tomorrow’s chip wrapper. Mr P. is in competition with his landscape gardener partner who makes an obscenely wicked piece of Christmas cake. A small  piece of  PK’s annual Christmas cake ( and that is all you get!) will have any upstanding teetotal tottering in the aisles for the rest of the  afternoon. He feeds his cake everyday with fine brandy for about 6 weeks. Mr P. is now in direct competition to try and make a fruit cake that is even moister and more alcoholic. Watch this space.

SONG OF THE DAY – Tom Waits -Waltzing Matilda

It seems bad form to not post Tom Waits today, especially as he has kept our Christmas Cake in one piece,  and got really hot and dry in our oven. I wonder if this is what happened to him to get such  a  gritty gravelly voice in one so young. You will either love  or hate his voice. Lovely song.