Singing in the Barn

Singing in the country and then back to the city! Blue skies all day in the country!

blue skies...smiling on me

I spent time travelling around on trains and buses and cars, no tandems or horses..shame!

Home now, and on the sofa and I am not gonna move unless it is really necessary. Upstairs has his industrial sewing machine on, so up for a lovely relaxing evening in front of the tv with the humming of the machinist in the background! Deep Joy.

Baker Street

I am always amazed that people out of the city have to spend so much time in their cars, and have to thank them so much for shunting this urban non-driver from motel to eco-conference centre to railway station. It does sort of make me mad that in the city we can get around on public transport and then out of town people NEED cars as the public transport is so rubbish , and it’s completely chicken and egg.

prisoner of the white lines of the freeway

SONG OF THE DAY This song came to me as I was driven down a motorway..’prisoner of the white lines of the freeway’