I know, I know. The world is crashing down around us. Young people are being ‘made examples of’  because the crime they committed happened at a highly charged time and place. How come no bankers, (the first time I wrote this I put bakers..ha ha) or politicians were ‘made examples of’ in the same way. How come the Daily  ‘it is all the Liberal’s fault’)  Mail did not say they were a disgrace to their country. Perhaps the next time there is a riot, the rioters should arrive all wearing suits and ties and have their faces well and truly showing. No, I am not condoning rioting, looting and violence, in case you were asking, Mrs BBC presenter.

So I thought I would take this time, a-mid all this madness, and  as there is a full moon today, no, that has no relevance to anything either, to praise the wonderfully tasty Halloumi. ‘Now that is a bit random’, I hear you say. ‘Why ever not?’ I retort. My mate Polly has been a vegetarian since Adam was a lad and she had never had halloumi until we made some for the vegetarian barbecue. As a Metropolisian, ( new word made up for today) I have opportunities to eat halloumi in many local turkish kebab houses and cafes, but I suppose in the middle of the hinterlands of Ludlow, well it is not so common to be invited out for halloumi. It is actually quite hard to buy, but we found it in the mousetrap (yup, the name of the local cheese shop) and in the co-op!

If you read the link about  halloumi above, you will find that it was first made with unpasturised sheep and goat milk. It is used in cooking, as it can be fried or grilled until brown without melting due to its higher-than-normal melting point,  as an ingredient in salads, or fried and served with vegetables. Cypriots like eating halloumi with watermelon in the warm months, and as halloumi and lountza – a combination of halloumi cheese and either ( look away Polly) a slice of smoked pork, or a soft lamb sausage…yum yum .

SONG OF THE DAY Bittersweet – Gitika

I was thinking about halloumi and water melon, then had nothing better to do  than muck about with imovies and an old black and white public domain movie..so I finally put one of the tracks fom my one and only album on youtube. I sorted out alot of features of imovies tonight so think it will be easier to get my head round Final cut, a better film editing suite fairly soon now…what fun.

First here is my Christmas Sinlge/Video, made for £3 and 100 years ( there are 2 of us) practise. I wrote my ‘song of the day’. It is titled  – Friends. I happened to watch a touching and apt  movie last night called My Best Friend.so the topic of the day is…I kid you not..  friends.

I love French Cinema for many reasons, one is I  usually don’t have to put up with any idiot soundtracks – ‘oh pizzicato strings…it must be a funny bit’…check out how many ‘blockbusters’ use this nonsense use of music.. I love France and wish my French was up to it, as I would be there like a shot, living i in some beaten up apartment above a bakery or cottage somewhere. Sadly being a bit dyslexic, I find I have remembered every word I  learned in my O’level days, but my short term memory and ability to take in anything new is, and always has been….pants.. There is also a depth and poignancy  in French film you do not get in so much other cinema. The French definately resonate from their hearts and it seems to come through in so much of their cinema. The Prophet …best film I saw last year, gritty and so well observed.


So My Best Friend is the perfect film for anyone  who is spending their time musing over one of the post-a-day ideas for a blog title.  I will not spoil it for you,  but recommend it. It asks all the right questions about ‘what and who is a friend’.It also has a great little plot, as well as a lot of beautifully sensitive  and funny moments. Daniel Auteil is one of my favourite actors. Don’t be put off by bumf on the poster ‘popularity contest’  nonsense . It is quality.

So friends ha!  very complicated and the discussion could go on and on. So I shall just ask the following questions …

who might  you call at 3am in the morning?( and I am not meaning a cab or the 24hr pizza parlour )

who is not going to mind if you cancel?

who is going to tell you that they mind if you do?

who do you want to take with you when you decide to emigrate?

who is a constant, even if you don’t see them for weeks, years, their place in your heart is somehow permanently tattooed?

who makes you laugh at yourself?

who knows you and understands you, and makes you feel like you are an easy person to get on with, and not a messed up, complicated hard to understand type of being?

is that all too much to ask?

No I do not think so, but friends like flowers, need to be nurtured and cultivated ( not over watered though and in this day and age, the busy busy lifestyle makes it very easy for many of  us to forget to keep in touch – my hand  is up first…guilty as charged. So here I am reminding myself, as does my song to thank the Lord ( which ever one/thing you want to thank..) for these friends of mine. Thanks.

SONG OF THE DAY ( there are 2 )

FRIENDS written  and performed by Gitika and Mickey B. Goode on album ‘bittersweet by gitika’  its available to buy on itunes and amazon -it earned me $20 last year ( the whole album that is…..not alot)  -just guitar and voice buy it here

and click on the title-friends to listen to it all the way through ON SPOTIFY

‘you took the time to listen to me moan , bout the trouble in my head, let me sit and cry, worries now have all run dry, it;s so good that the problem’s shared’ and PLACE IN MY HEART written by me and Andrew McCrorie-Shand in 2017 listen by clicking HERE