It is hard to believe that a third of the year has gone, and that every day I have managed to write a post. Actually I have a gnawing guilt which I must confess, as I missed a day very early in January, due to misunderstanding the magnificence of the task, and the amount of planning involved in not missing a day. I am still not quite letting myself get away with that. I need to lighten up a bit and know how well I am doing and not just dwell on the bad bit…a habit of mine. I did two posts on a couple of days, but still feel that I have not made up for my missing day.

Ok the confession is over and I am sharing a link with you of 3 of my favourite posts.

Drum roll please…….


In 3rd place was 13th April, part of a week’s saga involving a chocolate bunny and its demise.

In 2nd place was 20th March, a story I wrote when Mr P. went to the shops for a bottle of stout, possibly never to return.

And in first place was 24th February a post about having a cup of tea and a bacon butty with my late Grandad.

One of the other things I have really enjoyed about posting is being able to mix images music, video and words together….just perfect for me. So I also have a list of all the SONG OF THE DAY tracks included in my posts so far, but that is for another day.


It is MAY DAY and that can one mean one thing…….MORRIS DANCERS!!!!

 I am going to repeat a song of the day  as it is the only song I know that has morris dancers in it and it is my self penned ‘funky mouse’ starring family members and friends, a couple of years ago in May. It is a joyous and kids love it! thing

Blog task for the day– If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be? If you could eat this food with anyone alive or who has ever lived, who would it be? 3) Find and share a photo of what you’d like to eat or the person from.

My Grandad, Robert died on the 22nd April 1960, the day before my 1st birthday. He was living in a home for sick coal miners in Blackpool, and coughed his lungs up, from epysema. His birthday was the 24th April-the day after mine. He was 59 years and 364 days older than me, and found out I was ‘on the way’ he was living in the home for miners as he was too sick to live at home, Grandma went to visit him and called him Grandad. He got to hold me, but I wish he had been around long enough to share a bacon sandwich and a brew with me.

I have a gluten intolerance, so sandwiches of all kinds are just so not good. Though like all food intolerances, it becomes the food you crave or can become fairly addicted to. So I want thick white crusty bread that is really soft, with unsalted butter, good free range organic bacon,  strong English Mustard, and a good steaming, mug of tea with whole milk in it.

I should like to meet my Grandad in a real old workers cafe and just have a good old chin wag with him. He and my Grandma were both born in the Chinese year of the pig ( same year as Fred Astaire)  1899 and me and Mr P. are both born in the year of the Pig. I hear that my grandad was very funny, but apart from that I know so little about him, possibly because my Dad spent most of his childhood in a tuberculosis santitorium and only saw his Dad for two hours once a month – on strict orders from the powers that where the powers that be, as they thought it would upset children to see their parents more than that. My Dad tells me that every month his Dad would tell him he was going to smuggle him out of the hospital in his pocket…sadly he never did.

So a bacon butty and a cuppa with Robert, though we may have to stay for a few!

Today my blog has been a complete nightmare -I think Apple mac have put a curse on my computers for dissing their  rubbish headphones, so everything has taken about 5 times as long to do…so all my valiant efforts to clean my office are once again thwarted. Also it has been like Grand Junction station round here with people running up and down the stairs of the house outside my flat….eek…so much for a bit of peace.


If I had my choice of backing vocalists I would choose Michael McDonald too -yes he is there in this glorious track…another reason why AJA completely rocks!