Morning. I was reminded of my acapella choir arrangement of “Ain’t No Sunshine” first thing this morning, which such a useful and versatile arrangement . It is great both for choirs and special singing days. I taught it to about 30 staff members of Airbnb a few years ago to people who didn’t think they sung! I came across this gorgeously sensitive and lyrical rendition by a choir called Chorkuma last year. Based in Innsbruck, singing at the beautiful House of Music ( Haus Der Music) which I am now absolutely waiting for an invitation to go. Click on the link and see the beauty of the building – then the beautiful singing.

Chorkuma Innsbruck

The arrangement can be sung so lyrically and sweetly like this, but I have heard it done with some suitable swaying action too . The Macquarie University ( Sydney Australia) student run acapella group added a beat box in 2017 ! Their rendition is very funky . I love it!

I totally recommend it to any choir has lovely layering which, though simple has a great texture harmonically and rhymically too So much fun to teach. Best place to buy it is here. Curiously there are some sheet music sites on the internet selling my arrangements and I get no money at all. This site below Choir Community which I am one of 3 board members makes sure I get a small percentage and the rest goes to all the correct places. You can listen to the audio and buy the audio and the sheet music right now xx Have fun!

You can hear the audio and see my choir’s version

Hallo hallo

How are you doing in this crazy time?

Lots of friends have seen this video already…it kept me out of trouble

I made it with the lovely Gregory (17) who is far from us so we did it all over the airways

and I edited it in my bedroom. It may be the beginning of a fabulous musical duo

Acapella madness! So this is what lockdown has done to me and now all I need is everyone to send me hats! I really want a viking hat..not sure why..and if only there was a joke shop around..I feel large teeth coming on and moustaches. Oh and if you want to sing it with your choir you can get the  music and audio on