So it is time to hear the whole version  of the twelve days of christmas with our fancy art work and the bishopsgate singers fancy vocal work, with all the pictures again and again and agin…little treat at the end though.

It is our 10 year wedding anniversary today ( been together 21 years though) so we celebrate with tin or aluminium, so we shall wrap up a can of beans in some tin foil and be done with it. Thanks Mr P. best years of my life. x x x x

My Dad used to live next to a bit of common land where a gorgeous flock of white geese used to hang out. The day before half of them were slaughtered for christmas tables, they all went really really spookily quiet. They stopped cackling all day and just stood stock still…they knew their fate before it happened. Poor old geese.

This post is dedicated to all the teachers who have just finished term. Have a lovely break…And for all those people who wish they had the same holidays as teachers…..think again! It is no holiday as most teachers by now are completely burned out and will need a week sitting in a dark room under a duvet to get some strength back from all the giving out they have done. Sadly the chances of doing that are far removed at christmas…so my heart goes out, with my six geese to the full-time teachers!

And teachers on their first day of holidays spare a thought for the self-employed as I shall be spending 10 hours away from home today…most of it beside the pitch as MK dons leading 200 Milton Kenyans in song! Hope it does not get too cold. And one little gripe today regarding the Gareth Malone…I wish he would stop being billed as a choirmaster…if he is a choir master, that makes me a choir mistress…yuk. Can you call yourself a choral director pleeeeeeeeeeeezx.

And  here we are …why is that such a big deal? I mean we are not even half way there. All my favourites are near the end and hardly get a look in and the five gold rings get all the attention. Funny, because in the French versions it is 5 legs of mutton. Mr P. drew the five golden rings, thanks Mr P. and my photo of the rings is from St Pancras. The rings are 5 different colours, but from the back they are just metal, so in some lights they can appear to look golden . We shall be seeing a lot more of the 5 olympic rings this year so I suppose we ought to start singing along!

OH and a little link to a blog I read…a gift indeed 30 things you should stop doing  to yourself if you want to be happy and free 30-things-to-stop-doing-to-yourself

So here it is……. the first day of christmas ( with a little c)…in my world anyway, this song is actually supposed to start on christmas day and go through until 12th night, but we are doing it round the wrong way over here…every day you will get a bit more of the song and then on the big day the whole thing with  bishopsgate singers and all their mates too! Wow I am colouring ined ( it should be a word) out! I really should be doing something a lot more useful…ha ha ha. But what fun I had.

Good luck…hope you are ready….It is gonna be a fabulous ride.