I want you to try it. Write a song, record it, film the video, edit it and put it on youtube in 24 hours! Follow my example..It might be fun….The rules are

1. You can also only buy essentials such as tin foil, sellotape and string,

2. Everyone who  is involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ has to take part musically and be seen in the video.

Here is our finished article..I have to admit that the song is based on my ‘warm up of the week’..which I had already made up. But even so….it was not a song before. Someone asked me ‘why’ and my reply would be ‘why not?’. It is quite fun when being ‘creative’ ( if that what you call it) to put some rules and boundaries on yourself. I think the finished product is quite lovely, especially the rocket and the wigs.)

And  here we are …why is that such a big deal? I mean we are not even half way there. All my favourites are near the end and hardly get a look in and the five gold rings get all the attention. Funny, because in the French versions it is 5 legs of mutton. Mr P. drew the five golden rings, thanks Mr P. and my photo of the rings is from St Pancras. The rings are 5 different colours, but from the back they are just metal, so in some lights they can appear to look golden . We shall be seeing a lot more of the 5 olympic rings this year so I suppose we ought to start singing along!

OH and a little link to a blog I read…a gift indeed 30 things you should stop doing  to yourself if you want to be happy and free 30-things-to-stop-doing-to-yourself

On the fourth day of christmas……. it used to be 4 colly birds which are allegedly blackbirds but obviously in the midst of the community choral throng after a few cups of mulled wine and a bit of slurring, and the fact that we don’t know what a colly is, apart from a large shaggy dog, it got changed somewhere. I want you to stay strong, as the pictures get better and better as the days go on. And I know you are stressed and very busy, but it will, perhaps brighten up your day….IT IS ONLY 14 SECONDS LONG….go on…it might put you in the festive mood….PRESS PLAY  x x x

Yup… it is already day three of the 12 days of christmas musical visual bonanza that is my contribution to  the festive season. I am rather fond of my 3 french hens,  drawn with coloured charcoal thanks to brother’s christmas present circa 1992 and big fat red board marker, the best one’s are berol by far, the only ones that last and last. A round of applause for the french hen’s!