It’s been a funny week, what with an old musician pal  of ours not surviving a vehicle collision, and Mr P. having some very painful dental work, stitches and teeth roots out – rather too much pain, and now sicky  dizzy antibiotics. Today, around all the work we slipped out and went down to Trevi, to get a bit of lunch. Trevi is one of my favourite little caffs, it’s a sandwich shop and Italian, which is family owned and been there for ever (40 years). It has such a great feeling as you know there are such a lot of history, tradition and elbow grease in the place. Many of their customers are like extended family. I got a great picture of Mr. P and his trifle. The look on his face was classic (as was the wearing of his ironic christmas jumper that my dad bought him last year) I think the sight of a trifle cheered him up, as earlier in the week he was in that place when you are in so much pain that he never thought he would ever enjoy a trifle or anything again. The food at Trevi  is cheap and delicious. It’s about a mile and a half of walking, mostly down one of the most polluted streets in the country  – though I have a soft spot for Holloway Road, and it does have trees. It has definitely got better over the years, that is for sure. Lots more little cafes and shops, new flats have opened around the University.

Strolled  all the way home too, and visited my favourite hardware shop which has been owned by the same brothers  who have had a shop in the Holloway road since 1973!  Ah, there is something good about roots (not the dental ones) and about watching people growing up and old around you. I moved around so much when  I  was a kid,  and around a small area of north London in my student days and my 20s, it’s nice to have been in the same place for so long, even though I spend much of the  time wishing I was somewhere else. ha ha !

SONG OF THE DAY – Spike Jones -All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

very funny!

I noticed that Mr Oldman and I have finally decided to let  stylistic bygones be bygones, so now let it be know that we have  much in common…… and  the  frames have it! He is the only person I have seen sporting my posh and becks, and I  am pleased. I have for a  long time had him in my little book of stand-ins, just in case Mr P. did get run over by a bus ( please don’t).  I am not sure if us strolling hand in hand,  wearing the same glasses would go down well on the red carpet etc. Ah well. We shall cross that bridge when we get to it. Also I am not sure if it is wise to hook up with someone with the same first name initial,  as you would be always opening their mail by mistake. Mr Oldman is married to a song-writer and I am married to an actor (well Mr P. used to be), so something else in common.  Right now I can only approve of Mr Oldman’s choice of frames, and  leave it at that. Good luck with the Oscar nomination.

Back to reality poor lovely Mr P. has had the root taken out of one of his back teeth. It will take 3 months to heal before anything else can be done to it, so soon he is going to be all moody and hollowed out on one side of his face. ha ha. Aaaaaah!

I wrote him a little blues song about  me working all day long to buy my baby some teeth. It has gone now.

But the song of the day has to be (sorry)

SONG OF THE DAY – Going back to my Roots – Odyssey

Yup it’s been that sort of day. Grey and grizzly. Everywhere you go has slippery floors  – one of those days when you have to walk everywhere like you are walking on ice. Mr P. went to the dentist and is now in total agony, having had posts drilled into his jaw and stitches in his gums  and the like…., the pain is not dying down, I think we may have a problem and I have a feeling it is going to be a loooooooong night.

can you see the oscar nomination clue here?

I shall try to be a good nurse, but is really hard when someone is in such dreadful pain, and toothache is the worse (apart, I am told than child birth).

SONG OF THE DAY I Can’t Stand the Rain -Ann Peebles

And my mind! Seriously, someone is messing with my mind. A few days ago I mentioned the fact that a jar of umobushi plums went missing. I looked in all the cupboards, had everything out of the fridge, went through the bin…you would too, as a jar of umobushi plums is like £12 ! It is  no picnic looking after your digestive system, I am telling you. In the end I surrendered to the fact they must have gone in an old bin and went back to fresh and wild,  whole food mania, or what ever it is called and bought a new jar. I opened the jar  a few days ago, and it has been in and out of the fridge a couple of times. So last night I go to the fridge   and wonder what the jar is behind the UPs? No blinking way! The old jar of UPs! What is happening here? I have only one possible explanation. Someone is breaking into my flat, stealing  japanese pickled plums and then putting them back a couple of weeks later, just to make me seem as if I am going slightly mad ( no help necessary)…The only explanation. So I am asking you nicely to stop it please.

Today I saw a pair of woodpeckers in the garden and while I was singing all the parts for Paradise -which is finally finished, a cat walked in front of my window, stopped and listened to me singing ha ha ! The list on my desk is going down a bit, so new things can arrived, I am sure.

SONG OF THE DAY In your Eyes -Peter Gabriel

Yesterday I  posted Michael McDonald who was born the year of the Dragon and will be 60 on 12th Feb,  today Peter Gabriel who will be 60 on the 13th Feb this year. Funny that 2 of my favourite singers should be celebration the big 60 on almost the same day.