I was told it might be an eventful, possibly bumpy  year this year, so did a bit of research, and it looks to be a  bit brighter in many ways this year. I am going to make sure this year was a bright and sparkly as last year which was the year of the Hare ( Rabbit). So I got home to find that Mr. P was off at his local  secret garden/allotment with a few pals planting  little apple trees. They have all been named, to the right of the  the empty toilet( a plant pot!) the little apple tree with the label on, is now  called ‘Scarlet Dragon’ to celebrate the coming of the new year. I got there just in time to see the earth all nicely dug over and the soup and cake ready for the eating!

There are a few new people coming along with plans a foot for next year’s fruit and vegetable crop so that is good news.

I just go along to boost morale and eat the soup as I am more of a dreamer than a digger.

Happy Year of the Dragon. x

SONG OF THE DAY- Michael McDonald  -You Are Everything

mmm Start the CHinese NEw YEar with a bit of classic song and singing…..from the great MM -born in the year of the dragon!