Monday lunch is now christened MUNCH….you can only go out and have Munch on a Monday lunchtime. There a goodly little word time saving device, especially if you are at the age when your um….oh yes cognitive thingummy doo dahs are having a bit of a swift exit backstage.

Which means Tuesday lunch is now Tueunch. Pronounced the same way as you say Toosday or CHeeooosady but with the UNCH at the end. SO more like TWUNCH.

Wednesday lunch is now called Wunch, Thursday lunch is Thunch, friday lunch is now Frunch.

Weekends…well I shall leave that in your capable hands. You saw it here first. Remember the date. See you for Munch daaaarlink!

SO let’s see how we are doing with a quick quiz.

1. Me and my mate are off to the zoo for a spot of Frunch….what day is it?

2. Hi Stacey,  Elderberry here, how are you? fancy meeting me for some Wunch…what day does Eldeberry want to meet stacey for some lunchtime fodder?


First a photo that Mr P . took. I have an album cover of David Bowie in my kitchen and Joni Mitchell in my office. He took this picture of Bowie in my kitchen yesterday. This is just a belated happy birthday to DB as he was 65 yesterday. If Elvis was still alive he would have been 77 years old yesterday.