I did my best to finish my year of blogging with a bit of a bang, but feel slightly let down that having put the challenge out, WordPress have not followed it up with anything. There is no reason why they should, I mean we are grown ups, and this is a free service, though I have bought themes and space so am doing my bit to help them continue to develop.

I am missing some of my bloggin support network, who are natually taking a break to take stock, and decide what to do and I am missing Scott Berkun who has probably run away to the circus, after doing so many of the postaday challenges. I think I might be blaming myself for not having a development plan before the new year came, as I am doing the same old same old, bloggin every day, about anything that comes into my head, boring myself stupid, (now that’s a lie -I am having the time of my life here!) posting pretty pictures, and songs we all know. Is it not time I got serious about this blogging business, or got myself a proper job? Directed my energies to saying something profound, or found a direction in which to direct my direction, like gluten free cake, or a million ways to avoid running Nah! it is all fine just as it is, and when the change comes, it will come, probably with a big bang.

So I shall continue to ramble until I am good and ready, so a pretty photo….let’s see.

Ah! I took these yesterday in Kentish Town, my favourite shop. This shop looks like  has not changed its stock or design in the last 50 years, a classic, not many of these left to the pound, in fact I feel in North London it is one of a kind. I absolutely love it!

Changing the subject mid flow, I still cannot work out my new theme, as when I write in the press room and then have a look what it looks like from the front of house it is nothing like it, what with the two columns that I cannot see when I write, so I have abandoned them, which was why i bought the theme in the first place and I have no idea where the pictures are going to turn up in the text, I seem to have no control over my layout at all. I am sure it will work itself out, as I think it looks a lot more tidy, but perhaps not as homely as me old theme, which was called 2010, so it really had to go. But then I look at the shop and think -there is an organisation who have somehow decided to not change with the times, to be true to what they like and what works for them, and now they stand out as being something a bit special, and a bit original. Quirky yes, but definitely one of a kind! A lesson in there I am sure. We do not have to keep swapping things every 5 minutes for the more up to date model. So I will not change a thing.

Ah I hear the perfect song song cue beckoning over the horizon.

SONG OF THE DAY  – Lisa Stansfield  –  Change

Good Northern Lass giving it some real soul. Great eyebrow work /brass section synchronicity. I was surprised that the backing vocals did not come in until 3″ 30′. I was waiting to join in every time! I am having trouble seeing the youtube link, it is just a big black hole on the screen,not a picture of the gorgeous Lisa, but when I press on it it  the music starts, can you see it…ah now I can see it, it just did not like the columns which I ditched for the sake of my sanity. Right I am off to Blustons to bag myself a gown. x