Hurrah! I have, I hope, if all goes well in my vocal arranging brain, found the final song for my  A Capella Harmony spring set. I have to arrange a song released in 2012 ( and one in 1952, 62, 72, 82, 92 and 2002) and the first number one of the year will definitely count! The video for this song is so sweet. I think Coldplay’s  lyrics are  finely tuned mastery – it’s the simpleness that touches you sometimes. It is that thing of what you leave out so often that makes something get to you. People who hate Coldplay will do that thing years from now where they will hear a piece  like ‘fix you’ and cry and realise all their hate was posturing, like I was about Abba when I was young..ha ha. So today 2 videos that feature elephants ….my  song – ‘Elephants (ha ha)’ which cost about  £2 to make and the wonderfully new ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay that probably cost squillions to make…but I love it! Watch them both if you have the time.x x