AT the end of my blog I always have a song of the day tucked away nicely for people to miss. Twice this week I have popped into my local ‘Workers’ Cafe’  In North London’s Archway area- for an ‘All Day Breakfast’ today it was 11.30am and earlier in the week it was 7pm.

bacon, bubble, bean, mushrooms and toms

Less than a fiver for mushrooms, bubble, tomatoes, beans and bacon and a mug of tea! And it is gluten free. I have in the past been  vegetarian, vegan, macroneurotic, raw foodie…but I have seen the light, as life without the cooked breakfast at anytime is just not cricket.

SONG OF THE DAY Just Jack -Starz in Their Eyes

Today I feel the need to play a song by someone who lives local to me. Sting and Annie Lennox live about a twenty minute walk from my house but I think this guy lives even nearer me – probably uses the same corner shop but is still able to keep fairly incognito… Good tune….I love the lyrics.


in Their Eyes’