It can be very dark at this time of year, inside and outside…but it is starting to get lighter and any day now( well in about a week to ten days) you will suddenly see a bulb trying hard to get it’s head out of the soil, or the first snowdrop (photo copyright Peter Sorrell, Selby Camera Club), or the first bud on a tree and a bit of light will drop into your life…as long as you are not moving so fast ..

My itunes happened to move onto this song by Coope Boyes and Simpson, never heard the track before -half way through and already in floods of tears. Something so moving…such a mystery how that happens with music sometimes…just completely takes you by surprise and rips through all the top layers of the old psyche and gets you in that place where it is tender…well it does with me.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing these wonderful singers at ‘THE BIG SING’ in the summer of 1998, and heard them perform. They have an ability to move you , dunno , that  part of the mysterious open vessel, connection with ‘oneness’, that Elizabeth Gilbert was mentioning her talk ( see my blog called ‘creativity). wow deep. ( they did also tell me they were possibly rock stars on the inside and maybe wore leather jock straps under their corderoy troosers..hee hee heee



Spring 1919

These men are fantastic socialist independent musicians so if you like this track  please download it for 79p from the link below.