Still having the time of me life….great bunch of singers on the  week rock and jazz  course.

Hanging with my musician  homies…Singing most of the day, when not chilling with all my favourite musicians in the universe. Lunching from the stalls in Whitecross Street near the college. Get to sing with my new ‘for one night only’ band tomorrow. Every night there is a tutor gig before the ‘open mics’ for the students so had the fastest rehearsal tonight with my allotted band          ( yippee) Here is a  tiny snippet  of our practice…I cannot tell who is me and who is DC, my vocalist buddy…we make a great team….the rest of the band are completely Lush… You will have to come to the theatre at the Guildhall at 7.15 tonight to see the rest of our hour long set.

It will be a cracker.

Song of the Day Purple Rain -Prince

So not only have I been given the gift of  bringing joy into people’s lives, ( oh yes, I know I can bring many other things that are not so lovely too) I get flowers as well! It seems like Christmas all over. I just have to say that having something you can share as a gift is a  wonderful thing, and we all have one. Sometimes we know what it is straight away, and sometimes it takes a little longer to find. We are all searching and in the end I think the seach for happiness is about what we can give to the world, our community. I  think I was late 30’s before I found what I had that I was supposed to share. That’s why we are all here, to share our gifts, to bake cakes, shine people’s cars, write books for people, do their sums, teach them songs, look after their  distressed children. We all have a gift, some are small and perfectly wrapped, some come in great big boxes with loads of stuffing, some come wrapped in an old bits of newspaper but inside  there are jewels so precious.

Everyone has a gift to share. Thanks for mine. Thanks for letting me share it.


last nights sharing session we sung ‘something stupid’ made famous by Nancy and Frank, and continued by Robbie and Nicole. This version owes all to the lovely basses in the Bishopsgate Singers…you rock!

So started off as a nice little square sweet little granny squaresand now it has turned into the blanket of all blankets -I mean there is no point in making a perky little dog blanket when you don’t own a small dog.


I want a large double blanket, which means vast numbers of granny squares and huge amounts of wool. So I have found myself nipping into the fourth floor of the Temple that is John Lewis to buy yet more Rowan wool and sadly only  Colourscape skeins ( I love that word-skeins) will do. So the summer holiday has been cancelled as the money is all going on fine fine wool.The culprits!The skeins are divine -amazing colours which move through the spectrum in a perfectly timely way!

Something about the speed it changes colour makes it just right for someone like me, who gets bored too quickly to crochet  the same colour for more than 10 minutes and is just not skillfull enough to do all that changing wool every three minutes. So the squares mulitply. My friends laugh as I crochet at meal times, on the bus, in the car, where ever..I don’t care..I have a large blanket to finish, and I can see the task getting bigger and bigger. I have songwriting workshops to present, songs to arrange, a musical to write, the third part of  the Millenium triology to read – and somehow, none of theses things are getting done. I suddenly am looking forward to sitting on a train for 3 hours so I can be left alone to crochet to my hearts content!more....

and more.....

Each square is now being finished off with a nice border of Rowan British Sheep un-dyed woolI was here last week.... to give it continuity. (I got the idea from a lovely lady in the I Knit London in Lower Marsh , Waterloo where I popped last week and sat in on the wonderous Thursday evening knitting club.)

No time for the piano anymore....

How soon will it be before I have enough jewels to join them al together? I am getting crotchet forearm..a little muscle just in front of my bingo wing is being developed by the constant twisting motion. I think I need to become ambidextrous! As they say…WATCH THIS SPACE. X X X X