Yesterday I went over to a dear mates house to help her celebrate her birthday. Her road was full of leaves ready for the kicking. 

Lovely birthday spread. Everyone there seemed to be mad watchers of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ that has just finished series 2 on BBC2 and my mate has just applied for the new series…she would be marvellous…and could sing a bit of hopera when it all got a bit boring. I have to say as a person who does not eat wheat flour there is little in the GBBO that rocks my boat, apart from Sue Perkins , who I think is very droll. The party was lovely, but as I did not make a gluten free contribution, I only have myself to blame for having to watch people getting orgasmic over divine bakerings.

SONG OF THE DAY – Erasure -Respect

WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN! “This is proof that true liberation is when a people liberates themselves. No one invaded South Africa or Tunisia and yet they liberated themselves overnight. The US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan eight years ago to “liberate” them and they are still not FREE.” – Isa Eric Shaw

Song Of the Day

Walk like an Egyptian

And this is our version of the song, really badly lip-synced to our very own live practice track, this Saturday night after a very large  and truely divine dinner.   Our way of shouting out to the amazing Egyptian spirit!