Every day the lovely people at WordPress give us an idea to help us with our post-a-day 2011. The Photo Challenge comes up now and then. I often milk it big and post photos for several days…so it is flower week in photos and star week in song. I took this picture in White Cross Street, near Old Street, a great road where they have a food market every day in the week and is one of those sort of London’s best kept secrets. There was a festival on in July and these three girls were having their photo taken by mum, except one forgot to look at mum, and looked at me!

Loved the flowered car…and the rubber chicken, which is a permanent fixture and is much bigger than it looks.

SONG OF THE DAY – Wishing in A Star -performed live by Paul Weller

This is such a GOOOd live rendition of this classic…I am gonna sing this now!I saw Paul Weller having his dinner in Wagamama  a few months a star, and managed not to stare….god the poor chap had to sign autographs whiile eating his dinner